Hello Parents & Wrestlers,

For those who are new to wrestling:  

Thank you for taking interest in the highly successful West Essex Jr Knights Wrestling program.  For those who are new to wrestling, we would like to clear up any misconceptions about wrestling.  Unlike entertainment “wrestling” like the WWE which is staged, wrestling is a sport that has been around for thousands of years. Although wrestling gives a huge advantage in Mixed Martial Arts, joint manipulation, choking, punching & kicking are NOT allowed in wrestling.  Parents may have concerns about safety when it comes to wrestling but safety is a primary concern and violent or dangerous actions are not tolerated.  Wrestling action is stopped if the coach or referee feels an action is potentially dangerous. 

Unlike any sport, wrestlers quickly develop a mental toughness, skill, body awareness and strength.  Although it is challenging, we will have fun and we do our best to ensure the wrestlers enjoy to process.  What we find is that a majority of our wrestlers embrace the competition and appreciate the confidence and physical abilities gained from wrestling.  All of our coaches have played many sports, however, those who have also wrestled would all agree that nothing compares.  There is no other sport that mentally and physically prepares oneself to excel in other sports and life’s challenges as wrestling does.

Watching your child compete in wrestling will be the most gut wrenching & emotional sport you will see your child do.  For the wrestler, the wins and losses hold much more meaning.  The wins are the best feeling in the world.  The losses are difficult to swallow.  As a wrestler’s parent, it’s important to maintain the focus on the process of improvement, not the wins and losses.  A parent’s reaction to a match could be the difference in making or breaking a wrestler’s career.

Many may not agree with this way of thinking but we DO NOT focus on wins and losses.  The coaches focus on developing strong basics, correcting bad habits and a Never Stop Never Quit mentality.  You will see, with this approach, the wins come. 

What makes wrestling so unique?

Benefits and Life Lessons through Wrestling:

·         Agility

·         Balance

·         Coordination

·         Self Discipline

·         Self Defense

·         Self Confidence

·         Toughness



West Essex Junior Knights Coaching Staff





-          West Essex Knights Wrestling Oath   -

Wrestlers are to put index finger up (#1 sign) while reciting the Wrestling Oath:


1.     I will ALWAYS work hard – Work harder than your competition in academics/sports/work

2.     I will NEVER lay down – Knights take a knee or referees position

3.      I will ALWAYS get back up – Get up and run back to center of mat

4.     I will NEVER stop – Wrestle to the finish

5.     I will NEVER quit -  It’s not over until it’s over

6.      I will EARN & SHOW respect – Parents, Teachers, Elders, Classmates, Opponents

7.     I will WELCOME any challenge – Never say “Can’t”

8.      I will PROTECT myself at all times – Head, Hands, Arms, Hips

9.      I will PROTECT & SUPPORT fellow Knights – Knights don’t bully and don’t allow others to bully

10.  I will LEAD by example – Knights show Squires how to behave like a Champion.