Central Coast League 2019

Cuesta College Central Coast Fall Youth League 
When : Sundays 

Where: Cuesta College

Who: Boys and Girls3rd grade through Varsity

Contact Info:

       Kaatje Blair : kaatjeblair@aol.com or 805 -748-3954

       Ron Barba: coachrab@hotmail.com or 805-714-0008   

       Website: westcoastxtreme.org


Cuesta College Central Coast Youth Fall league

Cuesta College Central Coast Basketball League Fall Information

When: Sundays

Where: Cuesta College (new gym)

Who: Boys Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Frosh ,JV, Varsity Girls Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Frosh, JV, Varsity

** Please note: Each division must have a minimum of 4 teams, or division will be cancelled. If the division is cancelled, teams have the option to choose: 
1. Full refund
2. Entry to the next division 

(Exhibition games may occur within the 8 game league schedule)
Please mail to Kaatje Blair
351 Ramona Drive
San Luis Obispo,CA 93405

*** Please note teams will not be scheduled without full payment (no exceptions).
Parents will need to sign waiver form prior to competition. (see below)

Quantity: Sign-ups based on first come, first serve.

Scheduling: Will be posted on www.westcoastxtreme.org

Awards: Each division will play for a championship. Champion teams will receive medals

Rules: Central Coast Youth Basketball League rules, (modified), will govern all games, in conjunction with CIF playing rules.

Players may not play on multiple teams within the same division but may “play-up” to a higher division.

Officials: CIF Certificated officials will be used for all Frosh/JV and Varsity division games for both boys and girls.
Youth Certificated officials may officiate 4th, 5th, 6th 7th and 8th grade divisions for boys and girls games.

Uniforms/Balls: All teams must have numbered jerseys, (preferably front and back numerals), and supply game ball. 4th grade and under boys will be playing with a 28.5 ball. (Coaches from both teams might elect to play with regular ball)

Roster: No limit, may add players during league play.
Concessions: (Special requests) 
Due to scheduling complications special requests are generally not allowed; however, should there be extenuating circumstances, league management may grant a team special request.

Info: Call Kaatje Blair at (805) 748-3954 or e-mail at Kaatjeblair@aol.com 
         Call Ron Barba (714-0008) or e-mail at coachrab@hotmail.com


1. Teams are responsible for numbered jerseys. ---Five players must start the game.

2. Home team (mentioned first) supply game ball, teams supply their own warm-up balls.

3. Tournament play will consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop for:

A)-- (3) Time outs-- 

B) Last two minutes of the second half (15 points slaughter rule).

4. Overtime will be three minutes long with a running clock. Clock stops during last 30 seconds. If still a tie, sudden death will follow (1 point wins).

5. Time-outs: There will be 4 time-outs allotted. One time-out allotted for overtime, no carry over time outs. Time outs will be 40 seconds. 

6. Free throws on bonus situations: 10th foul and up, two shots. No 1-1 at 7th foul.

7. No shot clock. There will be a ten second back court violation.

8. Closely guarded will be enforced by a 5 second count on the dribble. (10 second backcourt)

9. Players will be disqualified on the fifth foul. Technical fouls will count as team and personal fouls. Two technical fouls and player is ejected from game. Player will also be suspended for the next game. Two ejections and player is automatically suspended for all remaining games.

10. CIF Officials and table will administer CIF basketball playing rules, unless noted in tournament rules and regulations. Boys 4th and under will be playing with a 28.5 ball unless both coaches agree to play with regular size ball

11. There will be a five-minute warm-up before the game and a 3-minute half time.

12. Tie Break System 

*Head to Head 
*Record vs. Common Opponent when two teams are tied and have not played each other

* Point Difference -1st criteria a) Defensive points 2nd criteria b) Offensive points

13. Tournament not responsible for lost articles.

14. Tournament not responsible for injuries.

15. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players/parents/supporters of their team. One warning will be issued, forfeiture of game on second offense.

Team Name 

Division (Grade Based) 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,HS 
Circle Gender Boy or Girl 
Home Phone 
Cell Phone 
Work Phone 
Email Address 
Last Name First Name                            Parent             Signature

* I am the parent/legal guardian of the player listed to the left of my signature. I acknowledge that the player could suffer injury by participating in this league/Tournament. However, I consent to his/her involvement in this League. The player has adequate personal health/injury insurance. I waive any claim against the Cuesta College/league directors if the player is injured while participating in this league activity and I will hold them harmless from liability for such injury.* This roster should be submitted ASAP for entry into the League/tournament