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  • 3rd - High School Grade Boys & Girls!
  • Call 805-714-0008 for More information



2018 Fall League --FINAL SCHEDULES


Games on September 23


Court 1


11:00---no game


12:00---Nipomo Boltz 4/5b---Optimum 4/5b


1:00----Elevate 7b---Team6Man 7b


2:00----3-Ball Brown---Optimum5/6b


3:00----3-Ball black---Team6Man 5/6b


4:00----3-Ball Silver---NC  Thunder 6/7b


5:00----3-Ball White---Spartans 7b


6:00----MudPitBallers Frosh---Team6Man 8b




Court  2


11:00---Nipomo Boltz 7b---Optimum 7/b


12:00---Warriors vb---Huskies vb


1:00----Huskies 5/6g---Lady Mustangs 5/6g


2:00----Huskies Frosh/jvb---Optimum jvb


3:00----5-Cities Flyers 7b---Spartans 7b 


4:00----Huskies Frosh/jvb---Pass First Frosh


5:00----Huskies Frosh/jvb---TBC


6:00----Optimum vb---The Town vb




Court 3


11:00---Elevate 7b---Pass First 7b


12:00---Pass First 5/6b---Huskies 5/6b


1:00----Pass First 4/5b---Team6Man 4/5b


2:00----Huskies 6b---NC Thunder 6/7b


3:00----3-Ball Green---Pass First 8b


4:00----3-Ball Orange 8b---Huskies 8b


5:00----3-Ball Pink---Talons 8g


6:00----Huskies 8b---5-Cities Flyers 8b




Games on September 30


Court 1


10:00---Nipomo Boltz 5/6g---Lady Mustangs 5/6g


11:00---Team6Man 5/6b---Optimum5/6b


12:00---Nipomo Boltz 4/5b---Team6Man 4/5b


1:00----MudPitBallers jvb---Huskies jvb


2:00----3-Ball Black---Huskies 5/6b


3:00----Pass First 7b---NC Thunder 6/7b


4:00----3-Ball Brown---Pass First 5/6b




Court 2


10:00---Fresno Wildcats 8b---Optimum 7/8b


11:00---Optimum vb---Huskies vb


12:00---Spartans 7b---Team6Man 7b


1:00----Warriors vb---The Town vb


2:00----Huskies 8b---Pass First 8b


3:00----MudPitBallers jvb---TBC jvb


4:00----Pass First Frosh---Team6Man 8b




Court 3


10:00---Optimum 4/5b---Pass First 4/5b


11:00---Fresno Wildcats 7b---Nipomo Boltz 7b


12:00---Fresno Wildcats 8b---Huskies 8b


1:00----Fresno Wildcats 7b---Spartans 7b


2:00----Fresno Wildcats 8b---3-Ball green


3:00----Fresno Wildcats 7b---3-Ball Silver 7b


4:00----3-Ball Silver B---Huskies 5/6b




Games on Oct 7


Court 1


11:00---No game


12:00---Pass First 7b---5-Cities Flyers7b


1:00----Pass First 4/5b---Nipomo Boltz 4/5b


2:00----Pass First 5/6b---Huskies 5/6b


3:00----3-Ball Brown ---Optimum 4/5b


4:00----3-Ball Black---Pass First 5/6b


5:00----3-Ball Orange---Huskies Frosh




Court 2


11:00---Optimum Jv---Huskies Jvb


12:00---Huskies vb---The Town vb


1:00----Warriors vb---Optimum vb


2:00----Huskies jvb---MudPitBallers jvb


3:00----Elevate 7b---NC Thunder 7b


4:00----Huskies Frosh---Pass First Frosh


5:00----Pass First 8b---5-Cities Flyers 8b




Court 3


11:00----Huskies 5/6g---Lady Mustangs 5/6g


12:00----Optimum 5/6b---Huskies 5/6b


1:00----Huskies vb---TBC


2:00----Huskies 8b---Optimum 7/8b


3:00----3-Ball White---Nipomo Boltz 7b


4:00----3-Ball green---Huskies 8b


5:00----3-Ball Silver---Elevate 7b




Games on October 14


Court 1


1:00----Pass First 8b---Optimum 8b


2:00----Spartans 7b---Nipomo Boltz 7b


3:00----Pass First 6b---Optimum 6b


4:00----Spartans 7b---Pass First 7b




Court 2


1:00----Warriors vb---The Town vb


2:00----TBC---Optimum jvb


3:00----MudPitBallers---Optimum jvb


4:00----MudPitBallers---Pass First jvb




Court 3


1:00----Pass First 4/5b---Optimum 4/5b


2:00----3-Ball Silver 7b---Pass First 7b


3:00----3-Ball  Black---Nipomo Boltz 4/5b








Rules: Central Coast Youth Basketball League rules, (modified), will govern all games, in conjunction with CIF playing rules.



Players may Not play on multiple teams within the same division but may “play-up” to a higher division.


Rise and Achieve FALL Basketball League

When: Sunday's -- SEPTEMBR 9-23-30-OCTOBER 7, 14, 21 
Tournament October 27-28

Who: Boys and girls 3rd grade through high school

Where: At Cuesta College main gym

Cost: $425 team or $400/team if multiple team. Checks made out to West Coast Xtreme.

Info: Kaatje Blair 805 7483954 kaatjeblair@aol.com
Ron Barba 805 7140008 coachrab@hotmail.com

Make Check to: CA West Coast Xtreme

Call Kaatje Blair at (805) 748-3954 or e-mail at Kaatjeblair@aol.com 
Call Ron Barba (805)714-0008 e-mail at coachrab@hotmail.com

Team Name ________________________________________________________

Division (Grade Based) 3rd , 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, HS               Circle one Boys / Girls

Home Phone __________________Cell Phone_________________________________________

Work Phone __________________Email Address ______________________________________

Registration Form 

Team Name_____________________________________________________ 

Coach________________________________ Home #___________________

Cell #______________________Address______________________________



Is your team insured? __Yes__By Whom:________________ No__ (if you answered no you can purchase insurance through Rise and Achieve -Ray Anderson)

Assistant Coach___________________________
* I am the COACH OF THE TEAM listed above. I acknowledge that a player could suffer injury by participating in this League/Tournament. However, I do consent to my players participating in this tournament and by doing so know that I have proper insurance for my team and players. Each player has adequate personal health/injury insurance. I waive any claim against the CA West Coast Xtreme Organization/ Cuesta College/league directors/Ray Anderson Rise and Achieve, if the player is injured while participating in this League/Tournament activity. I will hold them harmless from liability for such injury.









 >>>>>>>>> March 25 games @Cuesta College new gym check schedule on Friday March 23 for changes. I will contact coach if I do.
>>>>>>>>>>> Court 1
>>>>>>>>>>> 9:00----Nipomo Boltz Grey 3/4b---5-Cities Flyers 4b
>>>>>>>>>>> 10:00---Nipomo Grey 5/6b---Spartans Black 6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 11:00---Nipomo Boltz Black 3/4b---Optimum 3/4b
>>>>>>>>>>> 12:00---Nipomo Boltz Black 5/6b--Team6Man6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 1:00----5-Cities Flyers7b---Team6Man 7b
>>>>>>>>>>> 2:00----5-Cities Flyers 6b---Spartans White 6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 3:00----Lady Orcutt7g---Nipomo Boltz 7g
>>>>>>>>>>> 4:00----Nipomo Boltz 6g---Bricks 6g
>>>>>>>>>>> 5:00----Huskies jvb---West Tefft Hoopers jvb
>>>>>>>>>>> 6:00----Huskies Blue 8b---5-Cities Red 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> 7:00----5-Cities Red 8b---Optimum 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> Court 2
>>>>>>>>>>> 9:00----5-Cities Blue 5b---Optimum5b
>>>>>>>>>>> 10:00---5-Cities Flyers 7b---Optimum 7b
>>>>>>>>>>> 11:00---5-Cities Red 5b---Pass First 5b
>>>>>>>>>>> 12:00---Huskies 5/6b---Optimum 6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 1:00----Pass First 8b---5-Cities Flyers Blue 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> 2:00----Team6Man Blue --West Tefft Hoopers jvb
>>>>>>>>>>> 3:00----5-Cities Flyers Blue 8b---Huskies Black 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> 4:00----Huskies Blue 8b---Team6Man 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> 5:00----Team6Man Black ---MudPitBallers jvb
>>>>>>>>>>> 6:00----Team6Man 8b---MudPitBallers 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> 7:00----Wolfpack vb---Blazers vb
>>>>>>>>>>> Court 3
>>>>>>>>>>> 9:00----Spartans 5b---5-Cities Red 5b
>>>>>>>>>>> 10:00---Huskies 6b---Orcutt Bruins 6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 11:00---Spartans 5b---5-Cities Blue 5b
>>>>>>>>>>> 12:00---Spartans Black 6b---5-Cities Flyers 6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 1:00----Huskies Black 8b---Orcutt Bruins 8b
>>>>>>>>>>> 2:00----Team6Man 6b---Pass First 6b
>>>>>>>>>>> 3:00----Team6Man 7b---Pass First 7b
>>>>>>>>>>> 4:00----Nipomo Boltz 3/4g---Riptide 4g
>>>>>>>>>>> 5:00----Talons 8g---Lady Orcutt 7/g
>>>>>>>>>>> 6:00----Talons 7g---Riptide 7g
>>>>>>>>>>> 7:00----Huskies jvb---Team6Man Gold