League Ball Specs

Please note the exact specs on all the Windmill league game balls.

·         Age 12U and Up - Dudley 12" ASA leather softball SB-12L #4A311Y

·         Age 10U Live - Dudley 11" ASA Fastpitch Softball SBC11Y #4Y611

·         Age 8U Live – Diamond 11” DRC-11RFPSC Reduced Compression Yellow FP softball

All of the above are stamped ASA

·         Age 8U Machine Pitch - Diamond DFPM 12 Diamond Dimple Green Foam Ball 12"

·         Age 10U Machine Pitch – B2020 JUGS Sting Free Yellow Dimpled 11 inch Softball


2019 EOY Tournament Survey

The League Tournament Survey is now open. All teams are required to complete the survey no later than Sunday June 30. Confirmation of whether a team is in or out leaves no doubt. Here is the link https://www.leaguelineup.com/formpreview.asp?url=windmillfastpitchsoftball&formID=134514

2019 EOY Tournament (CLOSED)

The date for the 2019 Windmill Tournament is August 2-3-4 (Watertown)

Entry for the Tournament has closed.

Fastpitch Power

Power Drive Drill