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Windmill Fastpitch Softball


League Ball Specs

Please note the exact specs on all the Windmill league game balls.

·         Age 12U and Up - Dudley 12" ASA leather softball SB-12L #4A311Y

·         Age 10U Live - Dudley 11" ASA Fastpitch Softball SBC11Y #4Y611

·         Age 8U Live – Diamond 11” DRC-11RFPSC Reduced Compression Yellow FP softball

All of the above are stamped ASA

·         Age 8U Machine Pitch - Diamond DFPM 12 Diamond Dimple Green Foam Ball 12"

·         Age 10U Machine Pitch – B2020 JUGS Sting Free Yellow Dimpled 11 inch Softball


2019 Windmill League Invoice

Ensure that your registration and itemization of the fees for the 2019 Windmill Softball League are accurate. Please send electronically plus send a hard copy with payment. "Click Here"

Coach / Player Individual Registration

This form provides online individual registrations for Windmill teams and league members. Please complete and return a copy electronically. "Click Here"

Lady Junior Warrior Softball

REGISTRATION Lakeside softball is open to all girls attending one of our Lakeside federation schools or the schools within the federation school's community. Games are held by age group at various parks in participating communities.

GOALS Our goals are to further develop each girl's skills through quality instruction and help each one gain confidence in her ability to contribute both offensively and defensively, to provide competitive opportunities to challenge each girl, to encourage each girl to continue playing at the high school level, and to have fun while building Christian friendships.

A player's age as of December 31, 2018 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play. The youngest player in our program is age 5 as of 12/31/18 and would play in the U8 age group.

  • A parent or guardian may request an exception to age so that their daughter may play on more than one team or play with an older age group by contacting Ken Walters.
  • Exceptions will be reviewed after the deadline when final numbers are determined for each level.

The deadline for registration and the payment of fee is Friday, March 22.

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Mark Your Calendar


The Windmill League's Organizational Meeting is at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, February 20 at St Paul School Lake Mills. All recreation representatives and reps of softball organizations of multiple teams are invited. Please register on-line to announce your attendance.


All coaches meetings will be held on Wednesday, April 17. Please register on-line to announce your attendance.

  • The age specific time announcements will be announced.

All coaches will complete the on-line registration and attend the meeting for the age level of play they are coaching

  • A coach, if coaching more than one team, should complete more than one on-line age specific level of play. 


2019 EOY Tournament

The date for the 2019 Windmill Tournament is August 2-3-4

Fastpitch Power

Power Drive Drill

2018 - Tournament Results

Get the 2018 Tournament Brackets, Schedules, and Results here. Click on the Division to get the results for a given age group. Please note some results are incomplete as not all winning coaches posted the outcome of their games.Please email the results for those games and updates will be made. Thanks to all coaches and participants and spectators for another great year.

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