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Windmill Fastpitch Softball






An interesting and fun take on a Fall Softball Program while maintaining a competitive interest. Here is what the parameters and a schedule look like! 

All games are to be scheduled by the teams listed. Games may be played the same week and the days played may be mixed up. To add interest to the schedule the first 3 weeks will be a ROUND ROBIN.

Afterward, Weeks 4 thru 6 will be a seeded 4 team tournament with a 3 game guarantee played over a 3 week period. The seeding will be determined by the first 3 weeks of play. Games again will be scheduled by the teams opposing one another. A schedule for the first 3 weeks is to be determined before league play begins. The week 4 schedule will be determined at the conclusion of the first 3 weeks. To accomplish this we will have an email exchange prior to the start of the fall season.  

Umpires – the host secures the umpires unless other arrangements are made; but regardless, each team will share the umpire expense. Any costs for field rental or prep is to be shared. Umpires are paid before the game begins (no checks). 

Field use - the designated home team will host the game or arrange for the game to be played at the opponents site or a neutral site. In the first 3 weeks the team listed 2nd is the home team. In the final 3 weeks the team seeded the highest after the first 3 weeks is the home team. Any associated field/umpire expense is shared equally between the teams playing.

The game format and report of scores information is found by clicking here.

The schedule by week is:

 4 Team Round Robin

Team 1 = Marshall – Jessie Stuntebeck <jessiejo5@yahoo.com>

Team 2 + Mad City Crush Red - Tracy Earll <tracyearll1@gmail.com>

Team 3 = Deerfield - Ryan Fankhauser (ruggerbuzz@hotmail.com)

Team 4 = Watertown - Brad Busler <buslerbrad@yahoo.com>


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

2 vs 1

4 vs 2

4 vs 1

3 vs 4

1 vs 3

2 vs 3


 4 Team Tournament - 3GG

Seed is determined by the results of the first 3 weeks of play. When there is a 2-way tie, the winner of the game where the 2 tied competitors played against each other is awarded the higher seed standing.

 Week Four – Game 1 = Seed 1 v Seed 4; Game 2 = Seed 2 v Seed 3

Week Five – Game 3 = W1 v W2; Game 4 = L1 v L2; Game 5 = L3 v L4

 Week Six – Game 6 = W4 v W5; Game 7 = W3 v W6; Game 8 = W7 v L7 If First Loss

All games are to be scheduled by the teams listed. 



10U MOD UPDATE - 08/01/19

We had two teams withdraw from the tournament last night. Revision of one of the tournament brackets took place late last night and early morning. The coaches of those teams affected have been notified. 

Division 10U Mod Red Accent as of 8/1/2019 

Watertown - Brunlieb

Columbus White - Shephard

Merton Red - Romagna

LM Lakeside - Dremler

Farmington - Ryan

JC Yellow Jackets - Statz

Jefferson - Smith

Sunday Time Change

Please note changes to times of Sunday games in the following Division brackets. The changes are hi-lited in RED.

Division 10U USA Dk Blue as of 8/03/2019 

Division 12U USA Lt Red as of 7/31/2019


We did some changes for the 10U MOD Tournament based upon the final standings and won loss records at this level. Ultimately the challenge was to set up a bracket in which players can compete.

The brackets we came up with allow participants from the highest skill level all the way to beginners to meet and play others around their same level of play. These replace the previous brackets. Please let parents and fans know of these changes. 

Division 10U Mod Red Accent as of 7/31/2019 [Game 7 is played Friday]

Division 10U Mod Aqua as of 7/31/2019

Division 10U Mod Olive Green as of 7/31/2019 


2019 EOY Tournament Schedule


Last week when asked when the schedules for the tournament would be release our answer was soon but we want to avoid any re-seeding so we need to look whether the outcome of any games yet to be played will have an effect on the standings. That is an “as of” decision Barb and I will be making. Others may be wondering also so we posted this on FB and the website.

Well yesterday we had 11 makeup games reported and the outcomes changed the so called landscape for the tournament. The 10U MOD brackets are now under review. The review will take place early evening.


Please note update of your 10U Mach tournament bracket. The bracket was incomplete awaiting the results of games played on Monday, July 29. The website has been updated.


Tournament Brackets - Click on the Division to get the schedule for a given age group. 

Division 8U Machine Gold / Dk Purple

Tournament Schedule

The post of the times/dates for tournament games on the website will be soon but we do want to avoid any re-seeding so we need to look whether the outcome of any games yet to be played will have an effect on the standings and what we intend to do if so. That is an “as of” decision Barb and I will be making.

The Countdown Clock

The countdown clock is on, and the 92 teams in the Windmill tournament will be learning their bracket spots in the coming weeks. Which bracket teams are in will be based on their standings. This is how the tournament is shaping up so far.

  • Games will begin at 8:00 am Friday thru Sunday.
  • The U10 Mod will start at Riverside on Friday and finish on Saturday.
  • The U10 Machine pitch games begin at 5 pm on Friday at Riverside and finish on Saturday. 
  • There will be no games at Riverside on Sunday. 
  • The 10 USA will start at Riverside on Saturday but finish at Brandt on Sunday.
  • The 12's and 14's will be at Brandt throughout Friday and Saturday.  One 12 USA bracket will start Saturday and finish on Sunday.
  • The 8U Live and High School games begin Saturday and finish on Sunday.
  • All 8U Mach pitch games begin and end on Sunday.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. 

2019 EOY Tournament Survey

The League Tournament Survey is now open. All teams are required to complete the survey no later than Sunday June 30. Confirmation of whether a team is in or out leaves no doubt. Here is the link https://www.leaguelineup.com/formpreview.asp?url=windmillfastpitchsoftball&formID=134514

2019 EOY Tournament (CLOSED)

The date for the 2019 Windmill Tournament is August 2-3-4 (Watertown)

Entry for the Tournament has closed.

2019 Windmill League Invoice

Ensure that your registration and itemization of the fees for the 2019 Windmill Softball League are accurate. Please send electronically plus send a hard copy with payment. "Click Here"

League Ball Specs

Please note the exact specs on all the Windmill league game balls.

·         Age 12U and Up - Dudley 12" ASA leather softball SB-12L #4A311Y

·         Age 10U Live - Dudley 11" ASA Fastpitch Softball SBC11Y #4Y611

·         Age 8U Live – Diamond 11” DRC-11RFPSC Reduced Compression Yellow FP softball

All of the above are stamped ASA

·         Age 8U Machine Pitch - Diamond DFPM 12 Diamond Dimple Green Foam Ball 12"

·         Age 10U Machine Pitch – B2020 JUGS Sting Free Yellow Dimpled 11 inch Softball


Fastpitch Power

Power Drive Drill

Soft Toss from the Side - Ripken Baseball

Post of League Schedules

The league schedules were posted this morning but home and away games were reversed on the upload. We deleted those and will re-post them this evening. In the meantime refer to your schedule "matrix" that was sent previously in an email. 

Coach / Player Individual Registration

This form provides online individual registrations for Windmill teams and league members. Please complete and return a copy electronically. "Click Here"

Mark Your Calendar


The Windmill League's Organizational Meeting is at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, February 20 at St Paul School Lake Mills. All recreation representatives and reps of softball organizations of multiple teams are invited. Please register on-line to announce your attendance.


All coaches meetings will be held on Wednesday, April 17. Please register on-line to announce your attendance.

  • The age specific time announcements will be announced.

All coaches will complete the on-line registration and attend the meeting for the age level of play they are coaching

  • A coach, if coaching more than one team, should complete more than one on-line age specific level of play. 


Lady Junior Warrior Softball

REGISTRATION Lakeside softball is open to all girls attending one of our Lakeside federation schools or the schools within the federation school's community. Games are held by age group at various parks in participating communities.

GOALS Our goals are to further develop each girl's skills through quality instruction and help each one gain confidence in her ability to contribute both offensively and defensively, to provide competitive opportunities to challenge each girl, to encourage each girl to continue playing at the high school level, and to have fun while building Christian friendships.

A player's age as of December 31, 2018 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play. The youngest player in our program is age 5 as of 12/31/18 and would play in the U8 age group.

  • A parent or guardian may request an exception to age so that their daughter may play on more than one team or play with an older age group by contacting Ken Walters.
  • Exceptions will be reviewed after the deadline when final numbers are determined for each level.

The deadline for registration and the payment of fee is Friday, March 22.

Signup Link


2018 - Tournament Results

Get the 2018 Tournament Brackets, Schedules, and Results here. Click on the Division to get the results for a given age group. Please note some results are incomplete as not all winning coaches posted the outcome of their games.Please email the results for those games and updates will be made. Thanks to all coaches and participants and spectators for another great year.