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Bailey Bridge Middle School

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12501 Bailey Bridge Road

Directions are from I-64, with instructions from I-95 beginning in step #2.
1. Exit I-64 via ramp at sign reading "Exit 190 I-95 S 5th Street to Petersburg / Downtown / Coliseum" and go South for 0.7 miles
2. Continue on Richmond-Petersburg Tpke,I-95 and go South for 0.8 miles
3. Exit Richmond-Petersburg Tpke,I-95 via ramp at sign reading "Exit 74A VA-195 Toll Downtown Expwy to Powhite Pkwy and I-195 N" and go Southwest for 800 feet
4. Bear right on I-195,Downtown Expy,VA-195 and go Northwest for 2.9 miles
5. Continue on Powhite Pky at sign reading "Powhite Pkwy Express and VA-150 / VA-288 / US-60" and go Southwest for 12 miles
6. Exit Powhite Pky via ramp at sign reading "VA-288 S to Chesterfield / Amelia and I-95 / VA-360" and go Northeast for 0.3 miles
7. Continue on VA-288 and go South for 2.8 miles
8. Exit VA-288 via ramp at sign reading "US-360 E Hull St Rd to Richmond" and go Northwest for 0.2 miles
9. Bear right on US-360,Hull St Rd and go Northeast for 1.4 miles
10. Turn right on N Bailey Bridge Rd and go Southwest for 2.2 miles to 12501 Bailey Bridge Rd. The middle school is located on the left side of the road, behind Manchester High School.

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