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Pinkerton Academy J.V. Field - Derry

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Pinkerton Street, Derry

From 93 South/North to exit 4 (Rt. 102 Derry/Londonderry)

End of exit ramp head east (toward Derry).

You will now be headed thru downtown Derry. Continue straight thru the set of lights (passing D'Angelo's and Hookkroft Golf Course on the right)

When you come to a rotary (circle) go around the circle and take the 4th exit off. (make almost a complete circle, as if you were taking a left turn) This will be By-Pass 28 North.

Go straight up the hill. Pinkerton Academy will be on the left hand side. Directly across the street from the main entrance at Pinkerton is a large parking lot (on the right). Turn right into this lot and continue down the service road in back of the parking lot toward the field.

The field is at the end of the service road.

The administrator of this League has not provided an address for this venue.

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