The founders of Aerial Fusion Baton Sport Company (Kristin Macaraeg, Leisha Strachan, and Jane Tan) began the club in the fall of 1995 after combining 2 clubs - Aerial Heights and Fusion Baton Club. The club made an immediate impact on the baton scene in Manitoba.

Since the club started in the fall of 1995, Aerial Fusion (AF) has produced several Provincial Level A and B Freestyle Champions (including former coaches Cassandra (Friesen) Johnson, Kim (Park) Croy, Jennifer Parisian, and current coach Stephenie Udvar). Aerial Fusion has also been the home of many group and pairs titles at the Provincial and National level as well as individual event winners and champions. In 2015, AF athletes earned 19 Provincial titles including Jr A Freestyle, Sr A Freestyle, Jr A Pairs, Jr B Dance Twirl, and Sr A Dance Twirl. Athletes from AF also competed at the 2013 International Cup in Almere, The Netherlands, the 2015 International Cup in Abbotsford, BC, and the 2017 International Cup in Porec, Croatia. Athletes made it to the finals in those events and have brought home medals in individual and pair events. Finally, members of AF were part of TEAM TOBA - 2013 International Cup Level B Team Champs! See the Bulletin Board for more!

We also seek to contribute to the community in the best way we know how - by twirling! Our athletes volunteer at many community events and in recent years, we have used our Year End Recital to raise awareness and supplies for various local charities including the Children's Wish Foundation (bringing stuffed animals or books as entry), Winnipeg Harvest, an animal shelter, Cancer Care, and Siloam Mission. Check our Bulletin Board for details from over the past few years.

Aerial Fusion continues to develop athletes of all ages. Please refer to the Program link for more information.


In addition to developing baton skills, the mandate of Aerial Fusion has always been to develop other important skills such as responsibility, confidence, and teamwork. We continue to strive to build these skills and encourage service and sharing by developing junior coaches and giving other opportunities and experiences to our athletes.

In accordance with research in positive youth development, Aerial Fusion seeks to develop all athletes while keeping in mind these 8 setting features:

1. Physical and Psychological Safety: We will strive to promote a safe environment by using proper equipment and providing appropriate practice space. Athletes will be encouraged to interact with eachother in a positive and respectful manner. Coaches will also model appropriate behaviour and be respectful to eachother.

2. Appropriate Structure: Aerial Fusion will seek to offer programs that work to develop skill and teach skills in the proper progression to ensure individual and team successes.

3. Supportive Relationships: We will work to encourage the growth of positive athlete-coach interactions and foster positive relationships will athletes and parents involved in the club.

4. Opportunities to Belong: Coaches will work to include all athletes in various club incentives, events, and lessons.

5. Positive Social Norms: Athletes will be instructed and encouraged to develop positive behaviours such as respect, responsibility, and pride. Teamwork will also be emphasized.

6. Support of Efficacy and Mentoring: Athletes will be encouraged to think independently and develop competence. Coaches will work to mentor all athletes in our care.

7. Opportunities for Skill Building: Coaches will provide a venue for athletes to develop physically (i.e., strength, coordination), psychologically (i.e, confidence, determination), and emotionally (i.e., connection, caring).

8. Integration of Family, School, and Community: Aerial Fusion will encourage family involvement and support the scholastic activities of all athletes. We will also strive to promote the club in the community and engage athletes in community events whenever possible.