Policies and Events

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To determine the appropriate length, measure from the underarm to the tip of the longest finger and then add one inch. The correct size of baton is very important to allow proper baton technique development. If you are planning on competing in the 2 or 3-Baton event, you must have 2/3 batons that are exactly the same size and brand. New batons are approximately $30. Experienced twirlers may have used baton that have been outgrown; do not be afraid to ask them! A baton order for new batons will be placed early in the fall.
If you would like to find them on your own, batons can be ordered off of the Star Line Baton website (Star Lite baton)

Practice Attire
If you are planning on purchasing new jazz shoes and tights for your child please buy BLOCH, BEIGE (skin tone) flip-on, (no lace) jazz shoes (not Cappezio) They range in price from $63 - $70.
We recommend Mondor Dance, Light Tan, micro-fiber tights, which cost between $15 - $17.

Individual event costumes can be made by a professional seamstress, bought at one of the dance supply store (i.e., Dance Plus), ordered online through a costume company, consignment stores or some parents have successfully ordered from eBay. Experienced athletes may also have costumes they have outgrown and may be willing to sell.

(adapted from Baton and Dance Company website, 2011)


In order to receive full benefits from classes, students must be PUNCTUAL AND ATTEND REGULARLY. Missed classes cause your child to fall behind, making it hard on them, their team members and instructors.
• Students should arrive 5-10 minutes early to change their footwear and warm up.
• Every student should bring a water bottle as well as a book and pen or pencil to make notes in to every class.
• If a student will be missing, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the director.
• Parents please ensure you are on time to pick up your child and encourage them to wait inside the building until you arrive.

As an additional note, parents are welcome to come and sit in on any class to observe what their child is learning. Feel free to record routines to help your child with memorization. Although you are welcome to watch, please do not disrupt the class.

(adapted from Baton and Dance Company website, 2011)

Class Attire

Students are expected to dress appropriately for their classes. Appropriate attire allows teachers to fully assess body placement and makes the student feel like a performer!
• Hair should be neat with long hair fastened entirely back in a bun or pony tail.
• Baton students should wear close fitted active wear and jazz shoes.
• Students are expected to follow the dress/equipment code. Failure to continually not meet the dress/equipment code may lead the student to be excused from class.

(adapted from Baton and Dance Company website, 2011)


• No gum chewing in class, it is a choking hazard when exercising.
• For safety sake, no watches, necklaces, bracelets or dangling earrings.
• Cell phones are to be turned off and put away while in class.
• Students are expected to be quiet during class instruction. Please treat your instructors and fellow students with respect and in turn they will do the same for you
• All students must take full responsibility for any personal items brought to classes. Aerial Fusion Baton assumes no responsibility or liability for lost or stolen items.

(adapted from Baton and Dance Company website, 2011)

Competitions and Recitals

Our 2nd Year baton students are encouraged to compete locally at the Pre-Competitive Level. Although it is not compulsory to compete, we do encourage our baton students to move in this direction as it provides an avenue to grow and improve in the sport! Once they have been introduced to competitions our students have many opportunities to compete at the local, provincial, national and international levels of the sport.

Aerial Fusion aims to have a Christmas Recital (December) and Year End recital (late April or early May). All students take part in the recital - it is the highlight of the year! A costume is required for all our twirlers for the recital, however, costs are kept to a minimum. Costumes details are sent out by coaches approximately 1 month before.

(adapted from Baton and Dance Company website, 2011)