B.A.B.A. History

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1946 Leopolis New London
1947 Gresham Big Falls
1948 Big Falls Gresham
1949 Big Falls Neopit
1950 Wittenberg Clintonville
1951 Gresham Weyauwega
1952 Morris New London
1953 Tigerton Waupaca
1954 Scandinavia Bonduel
1955 Morris Elderon
1956 Clintonville Waupaca
1957 Clintonville Eau Claire Dells
1958 New London Clintonville
1959 Waupaca Clintonville
1960 New London Caroline
1961 Clintonville Waupaca
1962 Clintonville New London
1963 Clintonville New London
1964 Marion Clintonville
1965 Marion Waupaca
1966 Menominee Birnamwood
1967 Gresham Clintonville
1968 Clintonville Marion
1969 Symco Almon
1970 Star Neva Waupaca
1971 Star Neva Waupaca
1972 Waupaca Wittenberg
1973 Marion Polar
1974 Waupaca Hatley
1975 Clintonville Almon
1976 Waupaca Antigo
1977 Waupaca Antigo
1978 Waupaca Birnamwood
1979 Waupaca Monico
1980 Waupaca Monico
1981 Deerbrook Clintonville
1982 Waupaca Deerbrook
1983 Shawano Polar
1984 Wittenberg Bowler
1985 Rhinelander Waupaca
1986 Clintonville Birnamwood
1987 Waupaca Birnamwood
1988 Waupaca Little Falls
1989 Scandinavia Wittenberg
1990 Plover Wittenberg
1991 Clintonville Birnamwood
1992 Little Falls Plover
1993 Menominee Tigerton
1994 Waupaca Birnamwood
1995 Menominee Leopolis
1996 Little Falls Clintonville
1997 Little Falls New London
1998 Marion Little Falls
1999 Clintonville Little Falls
2000 Little Falls Plover
2001 Plover Aniwa
2002 New London Little Falls
2003 Plover Clintonville
2004 Tigerton Clintonville
2005 Clintonville Aniwa
2006 Little Falls Clintonville
2007 Little Falls Waupaca
2008 Clintonville Elderon
2009 Marion Elderon
2010 Waupaca Tigerton
2011 Waupaca Tigerton
2012 Neopit Elderon
2013 Clintonville Elderon
2014 Tigerton Plover
2015 Clintonville Elderon
2016 Gresham Tigerton
2017 Waupaca Birnamwood
2018 Little Falls Waupaca
2019 Waupaca Little Falls


"The Wittenberg Enterprise"
Thursday, May 9th, 1946


A new and entirely different baseball setup has been worked out this year in the interests of the Shawano County and Wolf River Valley Baseball leagues.

At a meeting held in Clintonville, April 3rd, A.N. Brunner, president of the Shawano County League for the past 22 years, unraveled a plan which was accepted with enthusiasm. The directors at the meeting decided that this organization be called the Badger Amateur Baseball Association. The officers are composed of a Board of Counselors, three from each division elected by their respective teams, and a President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, who are elected by the Board of Counselors.

The officers elected for this year are: President, A.A. Brunner, Leopolis; Vice-President, William Wulk, Marion; Secretary-Treasurer, Melvin Lemke, Bowler.

The twenty-four teams in the association are divided into four 6 team divisions, two in each league. Each team plays a home and home series in its respective division and one series of six games (3 home and 3 away) with the other division in it's own league.


"Shawano County League"

Teams in the Western Division: Almon, Bowler, Morris, Neopit, Tigerton and Tilleda.
Teams in the Eastern Division: Caroline, Clintonville, Gresham, Leopolis, Marion and Shawano.


"Wolf River Valley League"

Teams in Northern Division: Birnamwood, Elderon, Galloway, Hatley, Rosholt and Wittenberg.
Teams in Southern Division: Clintonville, Iola, Manawa, New London, Scandinavia and Waupaca.

Note: Symco has dropped out and Clintonville has entered another team since the schedules were printed.

Box Score & Game Results: May 5, 1946
Box Score:


J. Koerner, rf---3---2---0---0---0

Haley, cf---4---1---1---1---0

Umland, c----5---1---3---6---5

Meyer, 2b---5---0---1---4---5

M. Koerner, 3b---4---0---0---1---2

Krubsack, 1b---4---0---0--14---0

Fremming, ss---3---2---1---1---1

Mortonson, lf---3---0---0---0---0

Brunner, p----3---3---2---0---4

D. Brubaker, rf---1---0---0---0---0

Beversdorf, lf---1---0---0---0---0



Lukasko, cf---3---1---0---1---0

D. Wolff, 2b---4---1---2---0---2

L. James, ss---4---0---2---2---2

R. Elliott, lf---4---1---1---3---0

A. Elliott, 3b---4---0---1---1---2

Hanke, rf---4---0---1---1---0

J. Spranger, c----4---0---0--11---0

Swez, 1b---4---0---0---8---1

Thomsen, p----1---0---0---0---4

L. Spranger, cf---1---0---0---0---0

Karscheney, p---1---0---1---0---1

Totals, ----33---3---8--27--11




Results Of Games

Wittenberg, 17, Rosholt, 9

Birnamwood, 9, Elderon, 3

New London, 3, Waupaca, 1

Manawa, 10, Iola, 7

Scandinavia, 24, Clintonville, 0