Tournament Rules

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1. The format is Round Robin Pool Play. Every team is guaranteed 3 games in pool play and at least 1 game in our single elimination tournament on Sunday (weather permitting).

2. ASA rules apply. However, all games will allow for teams to bat between 9 and 15 players in their starting lineup with free defensive substitutions.  If you bat your entire roster, and a player is unable to bat due to an injury, an out will be recorded in their position in the lineup.  (10U can play with 10 players on defense) 

3. Games will be 7 innings; however, on Friday/Saturday, there will be a time limit of 1 hour and 20 minutes, with no inning to start after this time. The international tie breaker rule will be in effect after 7 innings, unless it is after the 1 hour 20 minute time limit, in which case the game will end in a tie. The eight run mercy rule is in effect after 5 innings of play.  (10u time limit will be 1 hour and 45 minutes).   **This is NOT a "drop dead" time limit; therefore, the home team will still have their turn at bat once the time limit is up.

4. All playoff games for Sunday's single elimination tournament will have a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes up to the semi-finals.  The semi-finals and championship games will have no time limit.  The eight run mercy rule will be in effect after five innings. The international tie breaker rule will be in effect after seven innings of play.   

5. During pool play, the home team will be determined by a coin flip at home plate by the umpire. On Sunday, the higher seed will be the home team. Teams seeded the same will do a coin flip. There will be a coin flip for the finals.      

6. Pitching distances will be as follows: 10u-35 feet; 12u-40 feet; 14u, 16u, 19u & open-43 feet.                                                       

7. Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher and catcher only.  The courtesy runner must either be a player who has not yet been in the game, or the last out.

8. Dropped third strike rule is in effect for all levels except 10U.  10U also has no infield fly rule and runners can leave the base on the release of the pitch.

9. Pitchers are allowed 5 warm up pitches in the first inning and 3 pitches every inning thereafter.  The warm up should not last longer than one minute in order to keep the games on schedule.                                                                                                                                            

10. There will be no protests at any time. The ruling on the field stays as is. 

11. The home team will be the official scorekeeper for all games. 

12. Both teams responsible for reporting scores to the site director. 

13. All teams must be ready to play 30 minutes prior to their scheduled starting times. 

14. There will be no infield practice allowed on the game diamonds. This includes anywhere on the infield dirt. 

15.  Metal cleats will be allowed in the 19U and Open divisions only.

16. Seedings for Sunday's single elimination tournament will be determined as follows:
a. Best overall record in each division 
b. Head to Head (only applicable if ALL teams involved have played each other)
c. Fewest runs allowed in all games
d. Highest run differential
e. Coin toss
**Teams will be seeded by POOL, not overall

17. Each team is responsible for their own insurance. The Can-Am Tournament, the Town of Cape Vincent, the Town of Lyme, the Town of Clayton, the Dexter Citizens Committee, the City of Watertown Parks and Recreation, 1000 Islands Central Schools, General Brown Central Schools, Watertown City School Districts, South Jefferson Central Schools, Jefferson Community College, Tournament Directors/Workers, and the Umpires-in-Chief assume no responsibility for injury or insurance. 

18. The Can-Am Tournament committee reserves the right to change the rules as required.

19. Individual and team awards will be given to the championship and runner-up teams. 
I understand and accept all of the above rules: 
Coaches Signature_______________________________________ 
Team Name____________________________________________ 

Each coach will be required to sign a copy of these rules and give it to the site director prior to your first game