March 1, 2016

The Carolina Bearcats is a tackle football team based out of Charlotte, NC.
All Home Games are played at Weddington Optimist Park.


If you are between the ages of 14 and 18, want to play tackle football in a Christian environment, then The Carolina Bearcat Football is for you.

We offer:
                  - Varsity Tackle Football 

A player cannot be 19 years of age on or before August 31st and cannot be a high school graduate and enrolled in college.

We play other independent teams like ours as well as other teams from the Charlotte area, including Charlotte Latin, Charlotte Christian, Providence Day. Toward the end of the season we also play our rivals the Sandhill Titans in a specially designated championship type bowl game.

We are dedicated to reaching today’s High School youth. The teams were formed primarily for homeschool, private school and public school students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to play or participate in the sport of football. 

The primary focus of the Bearcat Football Program is teaching biblical principles in an environment that instills the Christian values of Excellence, Teamwork, and Discipline. The culture today is counter-productive in developing men and women of strong faith. Our dedicated team of coaches is devoted to creating an atmosphere where athletes have the opportunity to play football and interact with people in the world without sacrificing their Christian values. For that reason and because we are a ministry, we do allow players that are getting a public school education to participate.

The Bearcats (formally known as Pride) are beginning their 17th year and second year under coach Jim Mallos. Jim Mallos will be bringing his 25+ years experience to the team. He has assembled a good new coaching staff for our varsity team

For more information please contact:

Athletic Director:  Bryce Friesz
  704-575-3956 or

Head Coach:  Jim Mallos or 704-962-6208

 Mailing address: 2033 Shenandoah Ave Charlotte, NC 28205

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