Tournament Brackets

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Brackets are posted!

The end of season tournament will begin following regular season play.  Dates and times are subject to change.






7U Bracket

7U Bracket

8U Bracket

9U Bracket

9U Bracket

10U Bracket

11U Bracket

12U Bracket

14U Bracket




 1. DBBI will hold an “end of season tournament”, which will be a

 *single elimination format in order to determine a champion for

 each age division. (*single elimination in the fall)

 2. Each team will be ranked (seeded) based on their regular

 season standings. Tie breakers in standings will be as follows:

 a. Head to Head

 b. Runs Allowed

 c. Runs Scored

 3. Highest seed of each game will be designated home team and

 occupy the 3rd base dugout. Exception: The home team for the

Championship game will be the team in the “winner’s bracket”;

 the home and visiting team shall be swapped if forced to a 2nd

Championship game.

 4. Games will be played until a winner is determined, games may

 NOT end in a tie during the tournament play.

 5. Championship games time limit is 15 minutes longer than regular season time limits.