Per Rule Book... 


 10U pitchers shall not pitch more than 50 pitches in one

 calendar day.


12U pitchers shall not pitch more than 60 pitches.


15U pitchers shall not pitch more than 75 pitches.


a. When pitching in more than one game on the same


calendar day, pitchers may pitch any combination of

 pitches in those games provided they do not exceed the


above maximum number of pitches in a calendar day.


b. Pitchers MAY finish pitching to the batter if they reach the


maximum number of pitches during an at bat. Umpires

shall announce when it is the pitchers’ last batter.


c. 10U pitchers shall not be allowed to pitch more than 75

 pitches in a calendar week. (week begins on Sunday)


d. 12U pitchers 90 pitches & 15 U pitchers 110 pitches in any


one calendar week (week begins on Sunday).


e. Penalty for pitching more than the allotted number of

 pitches will result in a forfeiture of game.




Pitch counts are posted on the website. To access pitch counts, click on the score of the game to see who pitched and how many pitches they had during that game.


Please note: since pitch counts start over on Sunday, the Friday/Saturday pitch counts may not be posted. If a coach suspects a player of being over their pitch count please contact your commissioner.