Welcome to Garland Baseball!

Garland Baseball is a league with a rich tradition. Garland Baseball was one of the first leagues to offer select baseball and recreational baseball in the DFW area.  Super Series Baseball and USSSA tournaments were first held at Garland Baseball.  The league has produced some of the best talent in the DFW area throughout the years.  Every season we have had players in league drive in as far as the Oklahoma and Louisiana borders.  Several league teams have won State and National Championships.  Teams like the Dallas Cyclones, Dallas Panthers, Dallas Tigers, Texas Sports, Dallas Stars, Texas Hurricanes, Bc Baseball Club and too many other teams to mention, at one time played league.  Now we have a new crop of teams. Teams like the Warstic, Sunnyvale, Team Citius, and Dallas Redhawks to name a few.  These clubs and teams are Garland Baseball's future. 

Our games are played at Rick Oden Park.  Rick Oden Park is an older park, but it has a lot of great history.  The fields we play on are just as playable as the newer complexes being built in the DFW area. The City of Garland Parks Department has furnished Rick Oden for several decades to play our league.

We know that sports are a huge part of your life experience and continue to take steps to improve Garland Baseball.  We'll also be working to improve all aspects of leagues and our fields so we can continually offer the best experience! .

We offer the best experience around in both recreational and competitive Youth Baseball. Garland Baseball has been around for a long time and have had the same goal in mind since day 1: "To provide people a great way of engaging in competitive and fun activities."