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2019 Fall Ball League Teams Coming




COST IS $300-$400




T Ball

Dallas Tigers

Premier Prospects



Nxt Bulls

Tha Stix

Horns Kubat 5u

Horns Kubat 6u

Bn Mavericks

Bn Saints

Bc Club Pena

Bc Club Richards

Bc Club Painter

Bc Club Quantrell  



8u Horns Garza

8u Garland Bombers Porras

8u Calderon

8u Tigers Vaghela

8u Bc Club Everitt

8u Colony Tigers

8u Colony Diamondbacks

8u Colony Rangers

8u Seagoville Lil Bandits

8u Garland Rangers

8u Bc Club Armstrong



10u BC Club Forman

10u Dallas Tigers Lewis

10u Seagoville Rangers

9u Bc Club Everitt

10u Sunnyvale Raiders Harris

10u Garland Bombers Red

10u Orioles Garcia

10u Bc Club Fehrenbach

10u Colony Wolfpack

10u Colony Thunder

10u Colony Rangers



12u Bc Club Wally

12u Warstic Calderon 

12u Dallas Tigers Rodgers

12u Rangers Naidoo

11u Marrucci Wesson

11u Dc Kings Shindle


BC Club 14u Fehrenbach

14u Garland Braves 

13u Calderon

13u Dc Kings

14u Orioles Jesus

14u Bc Club Mccalop

14u Dallas Tigers Ahearne

14u Premier Prospects

14u Texas Oilers Hancock

14u North Red

14u North Orange


Highschool Division 

18u Bc Club Dozier

15u Dallas Tigers Rogers

16u Dbat Buckner

17u Texas Express

15u Orioles Potnik

17u Longhorns Buckner

North Garland Raiders

Rowlett Eagles

Sachse Mustangs

Lakeview Patriots

15u Garland Dodgers Marco 

18u Tri-City Express Settles

16u Bombers Palmer

16u North Bryant

18u Garcia LC

16u Bc Club Mccalop

16u Bc Club Fehrenbach 

18u Braves Sunday


Collegiate League 

Dbat Buckner

Dbat Alfred

Bc Club Dozier

Bx Club Fehrenbach

Dbat Dallas

Dbat Sharkley

Dallas Yankees

Diamond Prospects

W Siablo Rojo

Kingdom Commercial Insurance 

Texas Cubs

Tribe Baseball

Dbat Bacsik

Dbat Keller

Dbat Weatherford 

Dbat Welk

Bartilucci Baseball

Grapevine Bluejays

Twxas Outlaws

Texas Toros 

Bc Baseball Club Fehrenbach

Bc Baseball Club Incavilgia

Bc Baseball Club Palmiero

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All Ring Tourneys: Non/Sanction
Player Registration
“Spring Pink Bats Classic” April 6th-7th
“Island State Tourney” April 13th-14th
“Cajun Rajun Mccalop” April 20th-21st
“Peter Cottontail Classic” April 27th-28th
“Uptown Garland Cinco De Mayo” May 4th-5th
“Come Silva’s Away” May 11th-12th
“House of Avengers” May 18th-19th
“Memorial Day Classic” May 25th-26th
“Bevilacqua of Pain” June 1st-2nd
“Now You See Me Now You Don’t!” June 8th-9th
“Solis World Series Warm up June” 15th-16th
“Jenson Gilmore Classic” June 22nd-23rd
“3 Ticks and Boom Classic” June 29th-30th
“Forth of July Classic” July 6th-7th
“Everyday I’m Oleson” July 13th-14th
“Sit Your Buttox Down” July 20th-21st
“Wilson Academy N’ Bites” July 27th-28th
“New Smell Baseball Classic” August 3rd-1 Day Only
“New Smell Baseball Classic” August 4th-1 Day Only
“Stubblefield Over Easy” August 10th-1 Day Only
“Stubblefield Over Easy” August 11th-1 Day Only
“The Big Falldown Classic” August 24th-25th
“Joe Morgan Hall of Fame Classic” August 31st-1st
“Battlecreek Classic” September 7th-1 Day Only
“Battlecreek Classic” September 8th-1 Day Only
“All Battles in Palomo” September 14th-1 Day Only
“All Battles in Palomo” September 15th-1 Day Only
“Shitaki Happens” Sept 22nd-1 Day Only
“Shitaki Happens!” Sept 21st-1 Day Only
“Boomer Sooner Fall Blast” Sept 28th-1 Day Only
“Boomer Sooner Fall Blast” Sept. 29th-1 Day Only
“Longhorns GreenHorns Tourney” Oct. 5th-1 Day Only
“Longhorn GreenHorns Tourney” Oct. 6th-1 Day Only
“There Goes the Fehrenbacher All Nighter” Oct. 11th-13th
“Gio’s and Freddie’s All Nighter” Oct. 18th-20th
“Rusty Nails” Oct. 26th-1 Day Only
“Rusty Nails” Oct. 27th-1 Day Only
“Better Forman Cans Classic” Nov. 2nd-3rd
“Turkey O’ Balls” Nov. 9th-1 Day Only
“Turkey o’ Balls” Nov. 10th-1 Day Only
“Standing Room Only” Nov. 16th-1 Day Only
“The Three Ericka’s” Nov. 17th-1 Day Only
“Hollowen Wolf Tourney” Nov. 30th-1 Day Only
“Holloween Wolf Tourney” Dec. 1st-1 Day Only
“Santa’s Helpers Toy Classic” Dec. 7th-8th
“Christmas DeJesus Toy Drive” Dec. 14th-1 Day Only
“Christmas DeJesus Toy Drive” Dec. 15th-1 Day Only
Other Forms