Rules & By-Laws

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Goal Miners Hockey League

Rules and By-laws

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Team Members

1.        Team members must remain a league member in good standing throughout the season.

2.        No Call No Show - Team members must notify the team representative within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a one game suspension.

3.        Must pay on time or make arrangements. If a team member owes a pay period and gets into the next pay period he will be considered for suspension from the league until he or she has paid in full.

4.        Any team member may skate for any other team as a spare as long as he or she is of the same rating and the team member is waived from any spare fees.

5.        Any team member may bring any issue to his team representative/captain. The team captain will bring the issue to the league if necessary.


1.        All spares will be placed on a list according to ratings established by the "Board of Directors". Team representatives must draw non-permanent replacement players (game spares) from this spares list.

2.        A permanent player must be replaced with a member of the same rating from the spares list. If a player cannot be found with the same rating on the spares list, external players may be considered but must be approved by the "Board of Directors".

3.        When a team representative is notified that a player will be taking a leave of absence, that team representative will have two games to replace that individual or the "Board of Directors" will choose a player to replace the individual. If there are two or less games left in the season, then the team representative may use the spares list to finish the season.

4.        Once a spare becomes a permanent player he falls under the same rules as a league player. When a spare becomes a permanent player by replacing a player on leave of absence, that same player will have precedence the following year if the leave of absence player does not return.

5.        The Treasurer will determine the "spares fee".

6.        Spares may play in more than one game in any night and is only required to pay the "spares fee" once.

Playing Rules

1.        No slap shots.

2.        Each team is limited to ten (10) players plus a goaltender. It is up to the team representative to decide if the team will play with less than ten (10) players. If the team representative decides to not play a game, the game will be forfeited to the opposing team and the win, by default, will be given to the opposing team.

3.        Penalties will be called as seen fit by referees adhering closely to NHL Rules unless otherwise stated.

4.        All minor penalties will be one and a half minutes, majors will be four minutes and misconducts will be ten minutes.

5.        A player will be ejected after three minor penalties or a minor and a major penalty. If a player has a propensity for penalties, that player will be considered for suspension or expulsion.

6.        If a player is disrespectful to the game officials, that player will be considered for suspension or expulsion.

7.        Game Misconduct penalty - the player is removed from the ice. If there is two minutes or less in the game, the game misconduct will carry to the next game.

8.        A Disqualification penalty - the player will be removed from the ice and suspended for the next two games. That player will be considered for further suspension or expulsion.

9.        Any player receiving more than one Game Misconduct or Disqualification during the season will be considered for suspension or expulsion.

10.     Any player receiving a Disqualification for fighting will be suspended accordingly by the referee association.

11.     High stick ruling (non penalty) face off will go to furthest dot in neutral zone.

12.     Icing will be from blue line not the red line (once the puck reaches the defending blue line it may be iced without penalty) unless defending team is shorthanded then icing will be legal.

13.     Two line passes are legal (no red line)

14.     Off sides will be tag up.

15.     Games will be three periods, twelve minute stop time.

16.     No timeouts during regular game play.

17.     Overtime in playoffs only.


Alcohol & Smoking

1.        The GMHL’s policy is there should be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on the premises of any rinks before, during or after GMHL games and tournaments. Facilities that do allow alcohol simply ask that you clean up after yourselves and that plastic cups be utilized if drinking outside of the locker room. Use discretion and good sense on school grounds.

2.        The GMHL policy and rinks do not permit smoking or the use of tobacco products (e.g. chewing tobacco) inside any of their facilities and ask that you do not smoke at or near the doorways.

3.        Obviously, drug use of any kind at a GMHL event or clear evidence of being under the influence of a drug is not allowed and will result in the player being suspended for the duration of the season with no refund – or possibly banned if a serious threat is perceived.

4.        Please remember that there are other people at many of our rinks including children. Please be aware of this with respect to keeping your locker room doors closed while you change. Many of our rinks have school-aged children including little girls running around. Do not expose yourself.