Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: How much does it cost to play football?


Early bird registration runs May 8 - June 18 and the cost is $125 for Tackle and $55 for Flag.

Regular registration runs June 19 - July 23 and the cost is $150.00 for Tackle and $55 for Flag.

Late registration runs July 24 - August 2 and the cost is $200.00 for tackle and $55 for Flag


QUESTION: Is there a family discount?

ANSWER: There is a $20 discount for the second (or more) child from the same family FOR TACKLE ONLY!


QUESTION: Do you issue refunds if my child changes his mind about playing?

ANSWER: We do not issue refunds after the player draft.  


QUESTON: What equipment is provided by the GPWFA?


FLAG: GPWFA will supply head gear and a game jersey.

TACKLE: GPWFA will supply a helmet, shoulder pads and a game jersey(s).


QUESTION: What equipment do I need to purchase for my child?


FLAG: Each player will need to have football cleats, a mouth guard, and black gym shorts.

TACKLE: Each player will need to purchase game pants, practice pants (normally white but any color is acceptable), practice jersey (normally white but any color is acceptable), football cleats, mouth piece, chin strap (black is preferred, white or purple are also acceptable) and game day socks (style and color to be determined by the Head Coach).  The local sporting goods stores in town normally have equipment packages available.


QUESTION: Can I purchase my own helmet and shoulder pads for my child?

ANSWER: Yes, but they must be certified and approved for tackle football.  The helmet must be purple and the facemask must also be purple.  Typically, the helmet will be $80 to $300 and the shoulder pads will be $40 to $200.


QUESTION: Where are the practices held?

ANSWER: The teams will be practicing at Hunter Park (Hwy 51 North of the “Square” at Brazos River Bridge).


QUESTION: When are the player evaluations and when is the first team practice?


FLAG: Flag will begin practicing the first week of August.

TACKLE: The player evaluations will be held in conjunction with a pre-season football conditioning July 18, 19, and 21 at Hunter Park at a time to be determined.  Each player should attend all nights of the conditioning camp.  The camp will include conditioning work and basic football drills and skills.  The teams will be picked at the completion of the camp and the coaches will contact the players the following weekend.  The first team practice will be held beginning the first week of August at a time set by the Head Coach (normally 6:00 pm).


QUESTION: How long do practices last?


FLAG: Practice will last no more than one hour. 

TACKLE: Practices will last between 1.5 – 2hours.


QUESTION: How many nights a week do the teams practice?


FLAG: The team will practice 1-2 nights per week.

TACKLE: The teams are allowed to practice 4 nights a week until the week of the first game.  Then the practices will be reduced to 3 nights a week with a game on Saturday.


QUESTION: When and where are the games?

ANSWER: The games will be played on Saturdays starting August 27 at Decker Field.  The away games will be held at designated locations in Burleson, Crowley, Cleburne, Joshua, Midlothian, Alvarado, Hillsboro and Whitney.


QUESTION: Does every child receive equal playing time?


FLAG: Every child should play 2 quarters.

TACKLE: No. Each player is required to play six (6) downs per game. The coaches determine additional playing time.


QUESTION: Do I need to provide a birth certificate to play?

ANSWER: Yes, a birth certificate will be needed for the player weigh-ins in August.