Welcome to Hamilton Baseball's Clinic Program.
Our clinic program accepts boys and girls, ages 4-6 years, as of April 30th. What sets our clinic apart from most "T-Ball" leagues? We are a coach pitched oriented league. We do have the "Tees" standing by, just in case, but our players learn to hit live pitching. We use a standard "T-Ball" baseball which is much softer than a traditional hardball. And most importantly, all teams follow the same routine of learning the basic fundamental skills.
Clinic teams play twice a week, Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm, and Saturday mornings at 9:00am. Players receive a team shirt and hat. All you need to provide is a glove. Good deals are typically available at Play It Again Sports stores and we've seen some nice kids gloves at the 5 Below stores.

Our first practice is typically a week or two before opening day. This allows our clinic players to meet each other and their coaches prior to the opening day parade.
Opening Day is Saturday, April 21st. Our sixty-second season starts with our annual parade to the field. We meet at Hamilton Middle School (Old Harford Rd. and Christopher Ave.) at 8:20am. We parade north on Harford Rd, east on Woodring, and north on Moyer Ave. All leagues parade to the outfield grass of Field #1.

After our on-field ceremonies and a few remarks from our keynote speakers, it's time to "Play Ball". Our clinic teams are center stage as they will play the "first games" of the Hamilton Little League season.

After opening day, the clinic teams go back to practice. Practice will usually consist of 50% throwing and fielding, and 50% hitting and infield skills. As the season progresses, teams will increasingly spend time playing games. We do a good job of keeping the kids interested and having fun.

The season will end for the clinic teams on Saturday, June 16th. Trophies are typically distributed on this day as well. Closing ceremonies for Hamilton Baseball are Saturday, June 23rd at 10:30am. All clinic teams are invited back to take part in the day. We should have a moon bounce for the younger kids to enjoy. They also get free hot dogs and fountain drinks.

2010 Clinic Green Team

2010 Clinic Red Team

2010 Clinic Navy Blue Team

2010 Clinic Grey Team

2010 Clinic Light Blue Team

2010 Clinic Yellow Team