7-8 Farm League

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2016 7-8 League Schedule

2016 7-8 League Rules

Welcome to Hamilton Baseball's 7-8 Farm League Program.

Our 7-8 program accepts boys and girls, ages 7-8 years, as of April 30th. In certain cases, we accept children under this age if they have demonstrated an above average aptitude toward the game of baseball.

What's our 7-8 program about? We realize at this age, fundamentals are still very important. We strongly emphasize the fundamentals during practices and scrimmages.

We are a coach pitched league for the first part of the season. Then we allow the kids to pitch up to 5 pitches to each batter. The coach will then pitch to the batter to resolve the at bat as needed. We use a standard little league hardball.
We kick-off the 7-8 season with practices. Our teams begin practice in March as soon as the weather breaks.

The 7-8 teams meet twice a week. They will meet one evening (days will vary) each week, and then on Saturday. Weekday evenings at 6:15pm, and Saturday's with varying times. The 7-8 League uses Field #3.

Players receive a team shirt, socks, hat, and baseball pants. All you need to provide is a glove. However, we also recommend the kids have rubber or plastice cleats. Soccer cleats are acceptable. We also expect the boys to wear an athletic supportor. Kids are welcome to bring their favorite bat or helmet. Please mark name clearly on all personal items, including their hat. Please expect bats and helmets to be shared by team members.

Opening Day is usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday of April. Our season starts with our annual parade to the field. We meet at Hamilton Middle School (Old Harford Rd. and Christopher Ave.) at 8:30am. We parade north on Harford Rd, east on Woodring, and north on Moyer Ave. All leagues parade to the outfield grass of Field #1.

After our on-field ceremonies and a few remarks from our keynote speakers, it's time to "Play Ball". Our clinic teams are center stage as they will play their first game. Immediately following the clinic, all the leagues will start their season. Game times are typically either 11:00am, 1:15pm, or 3:30pm.

After opening day, the 7-8 teams will continue through their schedule. Coaches are on the field during games with restrictions.

We help the kids learn the different situations to keep the kids interested and attentive. Every child plays during every game, a minimum of two innings in the field.

Plus we bat the roster, so they are always in the batting order, even when they have finished playing the field.

The 7-8 league has play-offs. Who will be this season's champ?
The season will end for the 7-8 teams when they are eliminated from the play-offs. Closing ceremonies for Hamilton Baseball are typically the 3rd or 4th Saturday in June. Trophies are distributed on this day as well.