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"Coach Galligani is a personable coach with a wealth of baseball knowledge, who is passionate about teaching kids the game of baseball and helping them reach their full potential".  -Todd Oronzio (Former White Plains Little League VP)

"Regardless of age and ability, Coach Galligani has the abilty to train, teach, and communicate baseball skills, while helping players advance to the next level". **** -Dave Schiavone (Camp Parent)

"Marcel Galligani has the ability to teach all the skills needed to become a better baseball player. He has a methodical approach that demonstrates what he is teaching. More importantly, he deals with the mental aspects needed to perform to the best of each individual's abilities.
His clinics offer players a wonderful environment to develop their baseball skills. With Coach Galligani, you get first-rate professional instruction, and someone that is genuinely concerned with the individual as well."
Mitch Gueran (White Plains Little League VP)

"Coach Galligani and his staff do a wonderful job teaching proper mechanics for all parts of the game to both the novice and advanced player. They truly helped my son become a better player, but more importantly, a more confident kid".
Al Lennox (Camp Parent)

"The thing I really liked about the Hit-N-Run camps, is that they break the game down to it's simplest form. They do not try to teach hitting, fielding and pitching all in one day or week. They devote an entire week towards a specific part of the game. This allows for maximum repetition and practice of necessary skills".
Maria Gentile (Camp Parent)