What is the IRA ?

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Interlake Ringette Association - Who are you?

The Interlake Ringette Association governs Ringette in the Interlake region.  The board consists of dedicated volunteers with youth registered in the area.  

The objectives of the Interlake Ringette Association are:

  • To promote, develop and govern the playing of Ringette in the Interlake Region.
  • To encourage full participation of every player interested in participating in the sport in our league.
  • To make, as a priority, the recreational aspect of the sport in our league, and secondly, to provide higher level of competition for our participants.
  • To attempt to keep operating costs of our local communities members’ as low as possible.
  • To encourage coaches, referees, and other team staff to become as ‘educated’ in the sport and its attitude as possible, through clinics, workshops and co-operation between coaches and other staff.

What are some of the things we do?

  • Work with town representatives to determine best place to host teams at all levels.  Goal is for each town to have their own teams but at times, teams will be merged and a host location chosen.
  • Ensure every player in the Interlake has a place to play.
  • Attend meetings at the MRA and WRL levels to represent Interlake's best interests.  This includes at the MRA AGM WRL AGM, Ringette4U program and other programs run by the MRA.
  • Run the "A" program in the Interlake including picking coaches, towns that will host the team and running tryouts.
  • Choose towns (or combination of towns) to host MRA Provincials or High School Tournament
  • Mediate between local clubs and membership although we encourage the membership and local clubs to come to amicable solutions on their own.

Where we fit into the Ringette Hierarchy?

To ensure Ringette is properly governed in a fair manner, there are a number of boards and associations within Ringette with a very specific reporting structure.   Interlake Ringette Association reports to Manitoba Ringette Association.  Hierarchy is below:

How do I learn more about Ringette?

- Start with our Tell me about Ringette section of the website

- Read up on Ringette at the Wikipedia definition

- Look for a "Come Try Ringette" in either the Interlake or ANY area in Manitoba and just attend.  Its a great, non-pressure and fun way for your daughter to get a feel for the game.

Best way, talk to us! Contact an IRA board member and we would be very excited to chat about the sport we love so much.  Our contact information is under the Contact Us section of the website.