Mission Statement

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Ken Lagowski


Mission Statement For The JADBL Baseball League  


THE JOHN A. DEBENEDICTIS BASEBALL LEAGUE, LLC provides an opportunity for players of all skill levels 55 years and older to play competitive baseball in a family friendly manner. We emphasize good sportsmanship, physical fitness, teamwork, and involvement in the community.

Managers, players and all persons associated with the teams are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

·   Familiarize yourself with proper etiquette for questioning umpire decisions and procedures for properly protesting a misinterpretation of playing rules by umpires

·   Familiarize yourself with league rules and adhere to their intended purpose

·   Refrain from loud and obnoxious criticism aimed at teammates, opponents, umpires, and other game attendees. Refrain from any and all profanity

·   Avoid any violent actions, including base path collisions and “take-out” slides

·   Be respectful to everyone before, during and after games

·    Represent the league with dignity


These guidelines are not intended to reduce the competitiveness of games. They do recognize that actions like base path collisions to dislodge a ball from a defender or to “break-up” a double play opportunity, or to prevent a runner from reaching the base or taking the shortest path to the next base is not appropriate in a league with non-paid, recreational players.




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