League Rules

May 1, 2006 – 12:00 AM

Minnesota Inline Hockey follows the rules of USA Inline. Unlike ice hockey, inline hockey does not allow any contact except incidental and accidental and it is up to the referees to determine otherwise. Please click on the following link for USA Inline rules. USA Inline does not actually exist anymore but the framework they established is still the rule of thumb on the rules.


Here's the big three to remember:

1. No fighting and be respectful of the refs (don't be surprised for a penalty for swearing at the refs, what league allows that?). Both USA Inline and USA Hockey have tightened up their rules on contact with other players. Inline has always been more restrictive than ice hockey so a lot of contact that happens in ice may be called in inline games.
2. Must play in three regular season games to be eligible for playoff (who wants to get to a championship game and find out the other team has brought in ringers, seriously)
3. We all have to work the next day, if your not here for fun, please don't play
4. If you play in the Premier league, you can't play in the bronze league.

Youth Leagues

July 18, 2013

Youth Teams
Unfortunately we do not have any youth divisions right now due to lack of interested. Youth as young as bantams can play in the bronze adult league. Feel free to email the web site and we will keep your name on file and contact you about any future opportunities. If we can get enough interest, we will start a youth program. Youth teams will be divided by U8, U10, U12 and U14 categories.