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2011 Highland Spring Upper Silver Champs, Mastercraft
2011 Highland Summer Lower Silver Champions, The Pipers
2011 Highland Summer Silver Champions, The Blacksheep
2011 Highland Summer Upper Silver Champs
2011 Hopkins Silver Champions
2011 Spring Gold Champs The Fricks
40 Something 2011 Spring Lower Silver Champs
2012 Fall Premier Champs, Lamp Lighters
2012 Fall Silver Champs, Original Wood
2012 Highland Summer Silver Champs, Original Wood
2012 Hopkins Premier Champs, The Fricks
2012 Hopkins Silver Champs, Usual Suspects
2012 Spring Bronze Champs, Play It Again Sports
2012 Spring Gold Champs, The Sharks
2012 Spring Premier Champs, High Heat
2012 Spring Silver Champs, The Lab Rats
2012 Summer Highland Bronze Champs, The Chiefs
2012 Summer Highland Gold Champs, MN Millfoid
2013 Spring Bronze Champions, The Doughboys
2013 Spring Gold Champs, Red Army
2013 Spring Premier Champions Stellas Fish House
2014 Summer Bronze Champions
For The Ladies Fall 2010 Lower Silver Champs
Mission 2011 Spring Silver Champs
Mission Fall 2010 Silver Champs
Red Army Fall 2010 Upper Silver Champs
Spring 2014 Bronze Champs Team Farmers
Spring 2014 Premier Champs High Heat
Spring 2014 Silver Champs Target!
2010 Spring Upper Silver Champs Red Army
Red Army 2014 Spring Gold Champs
2010 Spring Monday Gold Champs High Heat
2010 Spring Thurs Upper Silver Champs Lee's Pro Shop
2009 Highland Fall Upper Silver Champs Red Army
2009 Spring Thursday Silver Champs, Tiffany's Saws
2009 Highland Fall Gold Champs C Minus
Spring 2009 Gold Champs the Fricks
Spring 2009 Tuesday Upper Silver Champs, Pittsburgh Paints
2009 Highland Fall Silver Champs Blacksheep
Spring Gold 2009 Champs, The Fricks
2009 Highland Summer Silver Champs 40 something
Wednesday Hopkins Silver Champs 2008
2009 Highland Summer Gold Champs MN Millfoil
Tueday Premier Champs Hopkins 2008
2009 Hopkins Summer Premier Champs Gusto Guys
2009 Spring Thursday Silver Champs, Tiffany's Saws
Shame Over Penalty During Championship Game
2008 Spring Tuesday Night Upper Silver Champions
2009 Hopkins Summer Silver Champs Usual Suspects
Monday Highland Gold Summer Champs 2008
Spring 2005 Monday Gold Champs

Pro Drywall
AC Land, 2007 Wednesday Spring Gold Champions
2008 Thursdays Silver Champions
Pittsburgh Paints, 2009 Summer Upper Silver Champions
High Rollers, Spring 2005 Tuesday Silver Champs
Thunder Chickens, 2007 Thursday Spring Silver Champs
2008 Monday Gold Fall Champions, The Fricks
2004 Summer B Division Champions
2005 Gold Fall Inline Champs
Alary's Saws, 2008 Thursday Silver Spring Champions
2005 Hopkins Gold Summer Champions
2005 Spring Thursday Silver Champs
GI Joe
2007 Fall Monday Gold Champions, Minnesota Millfoil
2008 Spring Monday Gold Champions
2005 Silver Fall Inline Champs
High Heat
2006 Hopkins Premier League Champs
2008 Fall Thursday Silver Champions, The Chiefs
Well Hung Swordsman, 2008 Spring Wednesday Gold Champions
2010 Premier Champs Tail Gators
2005 Summer Monday Gold Champs
2010 Summer Hopkins Silver Champs Boozy Smokes
Fancy Pants, 2007 Fall Upper Silver Champions
Spring 2006 MOnday Gold Champs, Jofa
Spring 2006 Thursday Silver Champs, Fancy Pants I & II
2005 Summer Thursday Silver Champs
2010 Summer Upper Silver Champs Premier Paints
2005 Summer Tuesday Silver Champs
2006 Summer Tuesday Silver Champs Hawg Wild
High Rollers, 2007 Highland Tuesday Silver Champs
2005 Spring Wednesday Gold Champs
Dave's Sports
2005 Summer Wednesday Gold Champs Highland
2007 Fall Thursday Silver Champions, For the Ladies
Summer 2006 Highland Monday Gold League Champs
2004 Spring B Division Champions!
2007 Summer Tuesday Silver Champions, High Rollers
Bauer, 2007 Fall Wednesday Gold Champions
C Minus Fall 2010 Gold Champs
Spring 2006 Wednesday Gold Champs, Pucksnipers
Summer 2006 Hopkins Gold Champs The Dirtbags
Wll Hung Swordsman, 2007 Highland Monday Gold Spring Champs
Summer 2007 Monday Gold Champions, Pro Drywall
2007 Summer Thursday Silver Champions, Fancy Pants
Summer 2006 Thursday Silver Champs Hawg Wild
2004 Summer A Division Champs