Instruction & Camps

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One of the pillars of MMSL is skills development.  This page contains both instructional videos and camp opportunities to supplement an individual's development.  

There are a limited number of practices and games in a season, so we recommend that each girl dedicates time outside of team activities to further her skills.  There are many tools available to assist in this training and some are listed below.  It is important to strengthen the fundamentals, and these tools can be helpful, but it is also important not to confuse your daughter.  Please default to your coach in the event there are any conflicts in terminology, technique or drills.

1.  Local Batting Cages (Total Baseball Academy, Extra Innings) can be used for training and each offers options for personal lessons.

2.  My Packaged Deal offers a useful app which contains various drills for the intermediate and experienced player.

3.  UCF Coach Renee Luers-Gillispie offers the following video series for the beginner:
     a.  Base Running
     b.  Fielding
     c.  Hitting
     d.  Pitching
          -Different Pitches
     e.  Throwing

The following is a list of Camps & Clinics that are currently available in the local area.

1.  There are currently no camps or clinics available.

Please contact MMSL if you would like have your softball camp posted.