2020 Rules


2020 Rules








BABL 20 and 35 over Rules and Bylaws.




Berkshire Adult Baseball League 2020








OBJECTIVE: This League was established in 2011 to provide Berkshire County Residents 20 and over and 35 and over an opportunity to play   baseball. We believe in fair play, adult attitudes and behavior. The responsibility that these ethics is sustained remains with the commissioner, officers, umpires, board of Directors and team Managers. Anyone who abuses the leagues code maybe suspended or expelled from the league. Major League baseball and amateur baseball Association rules are in effect with the following exceptions and modifications. The Board sets all rules.








1.         ELIGIBILITY: All players, Managers and Coaches must sign a league player agreement, medical waiver contract and pay all league fees at least one day prior to participation in a league sanctioned game or activity.       


        (20) Must be 20 in calendar year. (2 collegiate players per team that played college ball in that year. They may not pitch till year after leaving college)  and  1 Ex-Pro players                           


(35) Must be 35 in calendar year.1 Ex-Pro player per team. 2 players between 30 and 34 may be on the team rosters but (may not pitch until there are 35)     .




2.         ROSTERS: All rosters must be turned into the League office May 1. The roster will be 15-20 players. Players may be added until July 1 when all rosters will be frozen. Anyone can add a free agent but must not exceed the 20 regular players Max. If a player is released the player will be a put on waivers for 48 hours. If no one claims he must go into the draft). A player refusal to sign with team he draft by or claimed on waivers will not play in that season. Free agent at season’s end. Draft position goes by last year’s standing until; June 1. Player with 2 years with his current team will become a free agent to sign with whoever he chooses. Players that sign up through league registration will draft in reverse order of standings. Draft will be April 10, May 10 and June 10.  Loaner may play during regular season and post season provided if team is at 7 or 8. May not pitch. Batting order must never go below 8 .Loaner must play entire game.




3.         NEW PLAYERS: A new player acquired by a team through that team’s recruiting efforts shall be subject to the control of that team and not the league. Players who haven’t played in BABL for 1 year or released will be considered new players. Player becomes a member of that team once a player agreement is signed, turned into league, and is under that teams control for the season unless released by the manager.




4 .        BATS: Wood only, no aluminum




5.         LIABILITY INSURANCE: The League will purchase each team’s Liability insurance.




6.         TEAMS: Teams Fee ($1000) . Money must be paid in full on final payment date (April 1). $500 due at First meeting.




7.        FIELD: Home Team is responsible for securing and readying a field for play. If the field is unplayable because the home team’s refusal to prepare it they will forfeit the game. Leave the field in better shape than you found it. The manager is responsible for the conduct and action of his team, having baseball (4 new ones) and his team attendance. Managers are also responsible for checking the field if home team and calling the game off.




8.         UNIFORMS: All teams must be in uniform (matching Baseball shirts-baseball cap & baseball pants) . New players have two games to be in uniforms. Players not in uniform after  2nd game are ineligible to play.




9.      EQUIPMENT: Bats, balls, catching Gear and helmets are the Teams responsibility.




10.     PROTEST: All protest to be lodged must be done to the commissioner (Mike Evans)  within 48 hours of the game in writing. Protest must be lodged with the umpire, opposing team Manager and scorekeeper at  the time with the situation noted at the time of the protest. All protest must contain the $50 protest fee which is returnable if you win the protest.




11.     FORFEITS: 3 forfeits and a team losses all fees and is banished from the league. Forfeiting team responsible for paying umpires and/or home team if they already paid.




12.     RAINOUTS: Games cancelled because of weather will be made up as follows.                                 


       All rainouts will be reschedule by the two managers within 48 hours. They must agree to a time and place to play. After 48 hours the Commissioner will reschedule the game. If a team or teams refuses to play they will forfeit..                                                                                             




13.    PLAYERS REQUIREMENTS: All players should have proof of identity. Player’s ages are based on the Calendar year. Games in which an ineligible player competes will be forfeited.


(20)Each team may have two active college players (per NCAA rules three players on same team is a violation),that are on roster  in that season. College players may not pitch. EXCEPTION-College players in the league by 2018 are grandfather.




14.     POST SEASON.


       7 games for all players in league. Games played in 35  do count towards the 7 game minimum in 35 League.  Injured players may be put on DL min 21 days to get credit for (3) games  and not play during this period. A 2nd stint to DL must be reviewed by league. DL eligible players must have played 4 games. 


15..     SCOREKEEPING: When no scorekeeper is available, Teams must fax, or Email both teams scorebook within 24 hours of game to league statistician for. If not done no statistics will be entered for that team and players will not be credited with a game.




16..     COURTESY RUNNERS: (20) No courtesy runners




(35) Each team is allowed 2 courtesy runners for injured players only, (last batted out) runs unless it is catcher with 2 outs, mark with an asterisk (*) before each game, . In addition teams are allowed to use the speed up rule (catchers only) with two outs. Once refused that person loses his privilege the rest of the game. If a team does not have 2 courtesy runners they may declare one if a player get injured. If you have 2 then a pinch runner must be used or drop of one of the 2 courtesy runners..




17.    INJURY/EMERGENCY ;if a player is forced to leave a game because of prior committment (Must inform scorekeeper & opposing Coach before game) or injury another player is not available, a player previously in the game may replace that player in the batting  lineup. If no one is available and they are hitting more than 9 then the team will condense the batting order without penalty. If below 9 than an out will be recorded  the next time that player’s turn comes up in the batting order. After that the order will be condensed.




18.      THE BATTING ORDER: Unlimited batting order.


 19a  GAME TIME: There will be a 15 minute grace period at the start of each game if a team does not have at least 8 players. Once the 8th player shows the game must start.an out will be declared if only 8 the every time the 9th spot come up. If the team does not have the minimum 8 players in the batting order it  can use a Loaner &  will count towards the 8 player limit. In that case the game counts an all statistics will be entered. No Forfeit. The loaned player must remain in the batting order for the whole game. Using a player not involved but a loaner from a team not playing is OK. May not pitch a loaner. If a player arrives after the start of a game he may be substituted for someone already in lineup or added to order  but the loaner. A player ejected will take an out each time unless a sub or more than 9 appear in lineup.




19b.      UMPIRE FEE: Umpire is $60 per game once the game starts. ½ pay  for show up if not called off at least 1 ½  hours before schedule time. Umpire in chief  must be called  if game is postponed. It will be the home team’s responsibility to pay umpires and inform them if cancelled. In cases of forfeit the team forfeiting the game is responsible for umpires.




20.      OFFICIAL GAME: The game is 7 innings or conclusion. It is an official game after the losing team has had its bats in the 5th inning. Games ending in an official Game tie will be recorded as such.




21.      MERCY RULE:


       If a team is leading by 10 runs after the losing team has batted at least 5 or 6 innings then the game is over. Any game ended by the mercy rule should have all players present listed so they may get credit for a game played.




       Any pitcher pitching in more than 4 innings (throwing one pitch constitutes an inning pitched) in a game must not pitch in the next game. Once a pitcher has been removed from the game as a pitcher, he may not return as a pitcher.                                                                             .




(35) Ex-Pro players are eligible to pitch anytime  in first 2 innings at the start of a game in the 35+ league. When a player reaches 45 their ex-Pro status is waived.                                                             




23.      DEFENSIVE CHANGES :  No limitation on defensive changes.




24.   SPORTSMANSHIP: The commissioner/league has the right to suspend or expel any player who verbally or physically abuses league rules or who does not exhibit a sense of sportsmanship or adult behavior or who plays without regard of safety to other players, umpires or league Officials.


25.  MANAGERS VETO: The managers at their Fall meeting have veto powers over all rule changes. It must be unanimous to override the rule and send back to the board. In that case the old rule was still be in place. Rules only are set by board. Schedules, length of game , ect. Will be voted by managers.                








a.       All players must avoid a collision with a fielder and must slide at home. In case of a collision the umpire will determine if the collision was accidental or intentional. If ruled intentional by the umpire then the player is ejected from the game and subject to a 5 game suspension from league play. He may also be subject to further disciplinary action or expulsion if multiple ejections exist. If unintentional the play stands.




b.    Players are not permitted to engage in any verbal exchanges concerning personal matters with other players or umpires. If this occurs umpire will issue one warning. If it arises again player will be ejected.




c.    Players are not permitted to engage in any physical exchanges, threat of physical harm or danger to other players, umpires, officials or spectators. If this occurs the player will be banishment from the league for 1 year.




d.      No smoking or Alcohol is permitted on the premises before, during or after a game. No player under the influence will be allowed to play.




e.       The hidden ball trick is not permitted. If a player decoys a throw or tag all runners will be allowed 1 base from the end of the play.




f.       COMPLAINTS: League manager must file a complaint to the League (President) in writing regarding umpires. Umpires also may file a complaint (in writing) about a player.




g.       EJECTIONS: Player must show up at game in uniform to get credit for ejected game. 


      1st Offense (1 Game ), 2nd Offense (3 game suspension ), 3rd Offense (rest of the Season and a review in front of board) . Ejections are accumulative. Player must have one year free of ejections to wipe out ejections. Player refusing to show up at games will not be allowed back until he serves his suspension.




h.      PLAYOFFS:


      Pitching rules start with tournament1st Game and go through out entire tournament.  


     7 games needed to qualify. Games played in 35 league count towards 20 but player must play at least one game in 20s. Loaners may be used if needed without permission of opposing team. Games played as loaner count toward the minimum Commissioner will assign based on games played by a non-playoff team 


Addendum: In order to get credit for a game all player must bat once or pitch.




COO                                       Lou Orazio                 413-663-0741  * Non Voting


COMISSIONER-                  Mike Evans                413-441-4123


President-                               Tom Bishop               413-822-3305


Vice President                        Jeff Boyd                   413-822-0087


Board of Directors                Adam Orazio             413-446-1112 or  BABLDirectors@gmail.com


                                                Don Warfield


                                      Mike Kirchner


                                                Phil Massery


                                                Tom Bishop


                                                Joe Delsoldato