2019 - Registration Meeting

February 23, 2019 – 05:00 PM

First Meeting of the 2019 Season.

1/2 of Registration Fee Due $500 (Check Please)

Any New Teams wishing to join must be their.

Go over Schedule dates and finalize.

Turn in player agreements (ID for new players to League)

Home field for games. Get OK and Declare.


Commissioner, Mike Evans




Berkshire Adult Baseball League has two leagues for players of all ability and ages. The 20+ league is for anyone 20 and over to participate. The 35+ League is for players 35 and over to compete against players their own age.

The League plays 1 day a week on Sunday mornings each week during the summer, with an occassional game on Wednesday night at 5:45. This is a wood bat league and is recreational with rules and bylaws to protect the saftey of the players.

35+ League has the following.

* Unlimited Batting Order
* Defensive substitutions allowed each inning.

* Courtesy runners allowed

Both Leagues have

* Regular umpires
* Teams all over Berkshire County
No Collision rule

So come join the fun and re-live you FIELD OF DREAMS. Come play baseball, our american pastime.