Work-Bond Commitment

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2017 St. Joseph Baseball & Softball League Work-bonds


During the registration process, each family put forth a $100 work-bond.  To be eligible for a work-bond refund at season's end, families must volunteer 4 hours during the season.  Volunteer hours can be fulfilled by coaching, conducting field maintenance or operating the snack stand.



2017 St. Joseph Baseball & Softball League Snack Stand Schedule


For the benefit of our players, parents and visitors, St. Joe's Baseball and Softball aims to operate the snack stand adjacent to Field 1 during all scheduled league games.  To make that happen, we count on our work-bond volunteers.  


Each shift is scheduled for two hours and will be manned by two volunteers. To fulfill your work-bond, you will need to volunteer for two shifts.  


Please note that requests are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and once the schedule is in place, there is very little flexibility.  Finally, if volunteers are unable to work their scheduled shift, they must give the league at least 24 hours notice.   Please remember that forfeiture of shifts results in the league having to pay workers (when possible) or closure of the snack stand.


If you would rather help with field maintenance projects, please send an e-mail to, so that we can get you on the schedule.


Thank you for volunteering!