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Tri County Youth Football League: OUR PROGRAMS


The Tri-County Youth Football League is comprised of teams from the following towns:

   Bloomingdale / Butler (BBYC)

   Franklin Lakes

   Glen Rock


   Lincoln Park

   Little Falls


   Pompton Lakes/Riverdale (PLR)



 TCYFL is divided into four (5) levels of play:

- Senior Program 

Grades 7 & 8 

- Junior Program

Grades 5 & 6 

- Pee Wee Program 

Grades 3 & 4 

- Flex Football

Grade K,1& 2

 (specific age/grade Rules of Eligibility apply to each level of play)


Weight Restrictions apply to each Level of Play.

Competitive Levels

The Seniors, Juniors and Pee Wees are competitive levels. Within each of these levels of play an A/B program is maintained to provide an appropriate playing environment for all skill levels.

"A" Team is the competitive team.  Team records and standings are maintained.  Post season Play Offs are held and League Championships are determined for each Age Group.  Coaches are required to designate a certain number of players, based on the total number of players on their roster as "A" players.  These players are ineligible to participate in "B" games.

Each member is required to field an "A" Team at the Pee Wee, Junior and Senior level. 

Developing individual self-esteem, sportsmanship and skills are the hallmark of our "B"  Programs.  Having "B" Programs provides all players with an opportunity to play more than just a few plays.  The "B"  Programs are instructional in nature. These programs enable the younger and less experienced players to have their time on the field.  No records or standings are kept and NO championships or trophies are awarded.  "B" teams are optional but very strongly encouraged if the member has over 22 players at any level.  


Flex Football


The TCYFL recognizes a need to bridge the gap between traditional flag football and tackle football.  FLEX football does just that -- it is a flag game, but allows players to learn proper fundamentals of tackle football in a flag football format with absolutely NO tackling!  The players will have the safety of full equipment with an adaptive rule book to create a FLEX football game which is fun and competitive as an introduction to the great game of football.

Flex teams are optional but very strongly encouraged. Flex is for players in the 2nd grade and younger.

FLEX football is FLAG football, played with traditional tackle football equipment. FLEX football attempts to instill the same values of a traditional tackle football program – hard work, teamwork & discipline to name a few.