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For several years prior to the 2010 founding of the Tri-County Youth Football League, the five founding programs, Kinnelon, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Pequannock, and Pompton Lakes were part of the North Jersey Junior Football League.  The NJJFL had grown to a league of sixteen teams, comprised of two divisions and a mix of large and small programs.  The larger towns like Ridgewood, the two Wayne teams and Mahwah dwarfed the smaller towns in population and participating players and made it impossible to compete consistently.  All attempts at rule changes to level the playing field failed.  So, in 2010 a few of the towns, led by Bob Lull, Ted Bielen, Dave Shafer, Kevin O'Connor and George Douglas, representing the founding programs began to organize a new league that would be comprised of towns with populations of less than fifteen thousand persons.  It was felt that limiting the size of the programs to these levels would encourage parity within the league, leaving the success of any given team contingent on program management and athletic skill.  And that philosophy has proven successful to date, as illustrated by the variety of champions among the TCYFL programs over the years since its founding.  Today, the TCYFL includes nine teams, judiciously adding programs meeting the population and fair play standards that are valued by its members.  The league will continue to invite like programs to join its membership going forward as that expansion best serves the needs of the member programs and the betterment of competition and development of the participating athletes.



2010-2011        Bob Lull, Kinnelon

2012-2013        Rick Meier, Franklin Lakes

2014-2015        Tim Pernetti, Oakland

2016-2017        Bill Hennion, Kinnelon

2018-2019        Gregg DePhillips, Wanaque



                             PEE WEE                     JUNIOR                        SENIOR_

         2010                Kinnelon                     Kinnelon                   Pequannock

      2011                Kinnelon                 Franklin Lakes               Pequannock

      2012          Northern Highlands           Hawthorne                Pequannock

      2013                Kinnelon                  Franklin Lakes             Franklin Lakes

      2014               Fair Lawn                     Kinnelon                  Franklin Lakes

      2015               Fair Lawn                     Kinnelon                  Franklin Lakes

      2016               Fair Lawn                     Fair Lawn                    Kinnelon

      2017               Lincoln Park                  Fair Lawn                   Franklin Lakes

     2018                BBYC                            Lincoln Park          Franklin Lakes