The Carolina Elite Basketball Club was founded by Ulysses Chris Hardy, Jr in 2006 with the idea of giving girls and boys the opportunity to learn the game of basketball, develop basic skills, develop character, learn to play team ball, learn to have good sportsmanship, meet and make new friends, and have the chance to work towards a common goal. The teams consist of players from various States, NC,SC,VA,GA.

Our Mission:

The Carolina Elite Basketball Club is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization established to help athletes succeed in sports. Our mission is to instill positive attitudes, build character, and self-esteem whether on and off the court. We teach and coach the basics for athletic growth. We promote mental, physical morale, and good sportsmanship while encouraging academic achievement and social development of each individual

Our Goal:

The Carolina Elite Basketball Club goal is to enhance the character of each player thru teamwork and discipline. We prepare each participant for success in the classroom, on the court, and throughout life. We hope each player achieves their own personal goal which will help prepare them for the next level academically, athletically, and socially while attending college. Our players are Student-Athletes. Students 1st and Athletes 2nd.

Our desire is that each player experience be positive. We are fortunate to have dedicated coaches providing excellent instruction, to help every athlete be the best they can be in the game of basketball.

I would like to thank my staff, the families of the Elites who made many sacrifices for their sons & daughters to play basketball, and to the many people who support the organization, but, most of all the players, who make up the Carolina Elite Basketball organization.

Ulysses Chris Hardy
President and Founder of the Carolina Elite Basketball Club