Carolina Reign Elite Sponsors




Caroline Reign Elite Basketball Club would like to thank all our Sponsors. All donations are accepted and appreciated. Sponsors making donations in the following categories listed below will receive the following:








Bronze Sponsors




100.00 to 1000.00


Web Site


Name on T-Shirt


Team Shirt


Team Photo




Silver Sponsors




1000.00 to 2,500.00


Team Photo


Sponsor Name on T-Shirt


Web Site


Team Shirt


Name on Team Bag




Gold Sponsors




2,500.00 And up


Name on Shooting Shirts


Team Photo


Name of Back of Uniforms


Name on Team Bags


Event Tickets






Team Shirts

To sponsor an event or make a donation please contact Coach Chris Hardy at 704-431-9404 (Maryland donations) or Coach Ursula Williams at 336-255-9820 (North Carolina donations)