Winslow Maullers Cheerleading Parent Update

Dear Maullers Cheerleading Parents:
These are the price for the items that your daughter will need to have by the first game:
Cheer socks : TBD
Brief : TBD
Midriff : TBD
Hair Bow : TBD
Total Cost TBD

Must be all black with no additional color(s) unless stated by team coach

"Cheerleading is life; you must give it your all, and always strive to be on top. It teaches you so much, from how to be a team player, leadership, dedication, confidence, and many other qualities."

1. Cheerleading Attire / Uniforms

Please be aware that having a uniform appearance is critical in cheerleading. It helps the girls focus on the task at hand, and function more as a team and as a unit. The uniform appearance is so all the girls look the same is a key consideration even if the girls did competition.


Is uniform that consist of t-shirt and black shorts, with black sneakers.

Maullers Cheer Uniform
White Crop Body Suit (mid drift)
Black Bloomers
Black on Black Sneakers
Warm –ups will be personalized and will be provided at a later date

***Uniforms must be turn in prior to receiving your cheerleaders sweatsuit and please make sure they are return cleaned****

***No jewelry should be worn during practice and games. For safety reasons, earrings, bracelets and/or necklaces can be easily pulled off or get caught on other girls during cheering activities. The girls need to look the same on Game Day.


For Practice and Games each cheerleader hair needs to be pulled back into a ponytail.

Mid-Drifts, Socks and Bloomers

For those who are interested, we would like to order these items you can order from the vendor online or go to a dance store.

Online: midriff, bloomers, socks, hair bow
Local store: TBD

2. Arrival Time for Practice & Games

Practice: Please make every effort to have the girls to practice on time. Practice is currently held 4 days/week, Mon-Thurs 6:30p-8:30p until (The last Monday in August will be the last Monday practice for cheerleading). Starting in September the schedule for practice will be reduced to 3 days/week Tues., Wed., and Thurs.
**70 lbs cheerleader practice will end at 8pm starting in Sept.

Games: Girls should arrive 45 min prior to the start of their schedule game time. This will allow them to practice and make sure everyone is there to do their cheers, stunts, halftime cheer, etc.

Late Arrival to Games/Practice: The girls still need to be warm up; anyone arriving late will need to run (or other warm up activity) before they begin cheering.

3. Absenteeism- If You Can’t Make It To Practice

4. Girls Should Eat Ahead of Time

Eat Something Before Practice/Games: Please be sure to eat something before coming out to practice, and football games. One game day it can be a very long day at times. We want the girls to be at their best.

Snack on Game Day: Try to select drinks that are clear in color, and snacks that are light, and not likely to leave fingers &/or uniform messy. Avoid foods that are cheesy, greasy, etc.

Team Moms & Snack Schedule: Team mom will be selected and information will be provided. This will ensure that all the girls have snacks & drinks on game day. Snack will be rotated each week.

5. Game Schedule, Maullers’ Website

A Schedule of the Maullers’ Football Games is available on the Maullers’ Website:
First game of the season is scheduled: TBD
Maullers’ Day is scheduled: TBD (10am - 9pm)

6. Weather & Cancellations, Schedule Change

Weather: Cheerleaders are expected at all varsity games. Generally, the games are only cancelled when there is lightening. Cheerleaders (& players) are expected to play/cheer through light rain. If the rain is heavy or there is lightening, the cheerleaders may not go out on game day. For outdoor practice, cheerleading may be cancelled if its rain or the ground is extremely muddy.
One Call Automated System: All parents can be called now with an automated message. The automated system will be used to notify parents of schedule changes, cancelled games or practice, and more.

7. Clubhouse Restrooms

Please note that without any volunteers the clubhouse restrooms will be closed. Port-A- Potty(s) are available.

8. Who To Contact With Concerns, Questions

We have several Junior Coaches and also Head /Assistant Coaches with each cheerleading squad. The Junior Coaches are cheerleaders from our local school system, who has volunteered their time to work with our young ladies during the season. For now any concerns that arise please direct them: TBD