• 5 player active roster limit. Minimum of 2 players.
  • You may only have 4 players on the field at a time.
  • You MUST use a center if you have 4 players on the field. if you only have 3 players in the field you are NOT required to use a Center
  • No player is allowed to play for both teams in a game.
  • Rosters for the Playoffs must be submitted to the Commissioner before the All-Star Game.
  • You may sign players to contracts, but there may not be monetary terms.
  • Trading players is allowed at any point in the season except during the playoffs.
  • When a players is traded, their contract with the old team will follow them to the new team.
  • You may waive and release players.



  • 4 10 minute quarters will be played, with a 10 minute half time break.
  • The clock will stop after a TD is scored.
  • A 2 minute warning will be called at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters, and the clock will stop.
  • Both teams get possessions in overtime.



  • TDs are worth 1 point.
  • If the ball breaks the plain of the qoal line before the player is tackled, it will be a TD.
  • If the player catches the ball with 2 feet in the endzone, but the ball has not broken the plain of the goal line, it is a TD.



  • If each team has the same amount of players on the field, the QB may run the ball even when they are not blitzed
  • Handoffs are legal.
  • A first down can only be achieved when the ball has been moved to or past midfield.
  • Laterals and passing are illegal beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • A catch is made if a player has possession of the ball and has had 1 foot in bounds and on the ground.



  • 4 Mississippi blitz. If you plan on blitzing as soon as the count is over, you must count out loud. If you wait and the time has clearly passed before you blitz, you are not required to count out loud.
  • 1 no Mississippi blitz per 4 downs.
  • if the snap hits the ground, you may blitz without counting and it will not count against the blitzing rules.
  • A tackle is made only if the defender touches the ball carrier with both hands, NO NOT TACKLE TO THE GROUND. A tackle is only made if the ball carrier has touched the ground after making the catch. Touching a players shirt does not count as a tackle, the player must be able to feel the touch.
  • No forced fumbling, a forced fumble will be ruled a tackle.


Ball Position

  • Safeties will result in the defensive team getting the ball at midfield, No points are awarded.
  • After a tackle the ball will be placed on the same yard marker as the barrier when they were tackled.
  • The ball will be placed on the 5 yard line after every TD. No Kickoffs.
  • At the half, teams switch end zones.
  • Be Honest.



  • Offsides/False start, obvious pass interference, illegal blitz, and pass or lateral beyond line of scrimmage will result in a replay of down unless declined.
  • Tackling a player to the ground will be considered unnecessary roughness and will result in an automatic first down. If the offense has yet to pass midfield, they will still be able to achieve that first down.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct (taunting/teasing, making fun of, or otherwise being mean to other players) will result in the player sitting out for 1 down. multiple infractions in a game and or season may result in ejection from game and or suspension.