Family VS Community

February 3, 2019

On Super Bowl Sunday, The Community Conference, under Rookie S.Babb, Defeated The Family Conference in an epic game 9-7. S.Babb Won MVP With 6 TD Passes, 1 TD Run, 3 Interceptions, 1 Pick-6, and 2 Sacks

2019 Rookie Class

Emilio Daye, Crabs

Stormy Romano, Crabs

Khalil Lofton, Kings

Laquan Squire, Lions

Reman Nevers, Nailers

Ryan Endries, Samaritans

Jacob Wetzel, Samaritans

Stephon Babb, Spartans

Alex Dileo, Spartans

Michael Adrian Lazaro, Spartans

Zack Thore, Spartans

Steve Franco, Stingrays

Luke Dykhuizen, Stingrays

Community Conference Power Rankings

1. Kings: The Kings are returning 3 from their Championship roster from last year and are looking to dominate the league once again.

2. Lions: The Lions are bringing a fast roster full of great defensive players and some of the best offensive players and will definitely be making a Championship run this year for sure.

3. Spartans: The Spartans are looking pretty solid will be able to contend with the rest of the teams in the league, although they have a mostly rookie team.

4. Stingrays: The Singrays boast the Backyard Bowl MVP, and the Best Center in the league and are sure to wreck some teams seasons.

5. Nailers: The Nailers return their players from last years win plus 2 from their first 2 games, and are looking to do some damage this season.

6. Crabs: The Crabs look very different from last year, only returning 2 players, Their lack of chemistry will hurt them in the end.

7. Samaritans: The Samaritans have a decent team, but their uncertain defense my make a huge difference in their season.

Family Conference Power Rankings

1. Gazelles: Though they are a new team, Mitch and Chip are the top players in the Family Conference. whomever joins them, will only help them.

2. Ducks: Though they have Todd Davis, The Gazelles should easily beat them. The new add in Jeff Smith will help them significantly.

3. Rams: The Rams have added a key offensive player in Tyler Davis. However, they will have some trouble when playing the Gazelles and Ducks.

4. Wolves: Roster uncertainty has struck them once again, and they might not even survive. They will struggle against all the other teams, and will have to work for their wins.

Potential Threats

1. Kings: The Kings have the biggest strength of all teams. Expect to see a high powered offense for yet another season, that could potentially lead them to another championship. However, what's going to be a determining factor in their playoff appearance is the youth of the players on the team.

2. Lions: The Lions have one of the top 3 pass defenses in the league putting them at #2 in defense. Their defense could also be the determining factor in their playoff berth and lead them to their first ever championship. However they have to pay attention to their star running back attending as well as their quarterback N.Schlaudt being very consistent.

3. Spartans: Although they are the mostly rookie team, with T.Soukup returning for his second year, they do in fact have the #1 defense and a potential #1 offense with an attempt to overpass the Kings at #1. It is said that they could possibly be the #2 seed with great communication. Their strength for this season is to rely on their high powered defense. However, with their rookies A.Dileo and M.Lazaro's inexperience and T.Soukup's size and youth, it will be slightly difficult for them to be able to clinch a playoff berth as a mostly rookie team.

4. Stingrays: This team has a tremendous amount of chemistry. Most likely the #1 team with team chemistry. They are set at their quarterback position as well as their wide receivers. Their major setback that will determine their playoff berth is their run defense. They have a strong pass defense but they have to be able to control the high powered run offenses.

5. Nailers: The Nailers are looking to be a team to surprise everyone as well as being able to have their passes completed. They have a good quarterback and their wide receivers J.Nevers, O.Thompson, and C.Baylor. One thing the Nailers are going to struggle with is their pass offense, as they like to throw the ball deep. One team they need to watch when they bomb the ball, is the Spartans. With the Spartans safeties S.Babb and Z.Thore, it will be very tough for them to clinch a playoff berth.

6. Crabs: The Crabs have a great receiving core, as well as an outstanding running back. On the defense, they have a strong connection between their players. One thing that the Crabs need to work on to attempt to clinch a playoff berth is an accurate quarterback. The lack communication on offense will really be a turn of the tide when it comes playoff time.

7. Samaritans: The Samaritans coming in at #7 are one of the few teams that will most likely struggle this season. Their quarterback J.Williams as well as their wide receivers R.Endries and J.Wetzel as well as their running back/linebacker #1 pick C.Davis are going to be their biggest responsibilities for the Samaritans to be able to clinch their playoff berth. Their weaknesses is their team chemistry and lack of corners. They have more than one wide receiver that are very outstanding performers which is going to hurt them on defense.

Star Players

1. Kings: M.Kirtley-The Kings have a awesome starting lineup. With their quarterback M.Kirtley returning for his 5th season, they are sure to put on yet another drastic season while aiming for his 5th championship win. His biggest asset is his arm. He has 1 of the very few best throwing arm in the league along side N.Schlaudt, L.Dykhuizen.

2. Lions: M.Franco-With his 2nd year on the line, he is going to be competing for his 1st championship alongside the Lions and the team's 1st championship. He will be a major asset to the Lions due to him having the capability to play multiple positions but starts at wide receiver and corner back. His biggest season yet, he will be forced into retirement due to age. His biggest asset is his speed. He is probably one of the fastest players in the league along side S.Babb.

3. Spartans: S.Babb-With him being on the newly formed team, the Spartans, he has a lot on his plate as is. His biggest advantage is the fact that he can start literally any position. He plans to go into this season starting at quarterback and safety but anything is possible. His biggest asset is speed. He is able to blow past just about anyone which is going to be hard to stop without a run heavy defense. He is put along side M.Franco when it comes to speed.

4. Stingrays: D.Schlaudt-Commonly known as the Backyard Bowl MVP, he will also be returning for his 2nd season with hopes to get his newly formed team their first championship. His biggest asset is his defense. When it comes to catching the ball, it is very uncertain, but he can surely stop the opposing team from catching it as well.

5. Nailers: J.Nevers-He can do really just about anything so he is sure to bring some heat for the Nailers in an attempt to stop the Kings to getting yet another championship. His biggest asset is the fact that he can play any position at anytime.

6. Crabs: D.Delaney-He is returning for his 2nd season and is looking to be a big factor in yet another playoff berth for the Crabs. His biggest asset is the fact that he can make plays, and his starting positions are wide receiver and corner back which are sure to be a big help for the Crabs.

7. Samaritans: R.Endries-Without him, basically you can say that the newly formed Samaritans are going to have a struggle in clinching a playoff berth. He is their star wide receiver and corner back. His biggest asset is the fact that he has hands. He can catch just about anything that is thrown at him. 

As we near the beginning of the 2019 BAA Football Season, here's a look at potential Pro Bowlers for the 2019 season:


From the Crabs:

#15 Emilio Daye

#6 Desmond Delaney

#93 Damian Henderson


From the Kings:

#16 Mitch Kirtley

#14 Tyler Davis

#87 Quentin Soukup


From the Lions:

#18 Marco Franco

#34 Laquan Squire

#7 Francisco Medrano

#4 Nathan Schlaudt


From the Nailers:

#10 Cody Baylor

#23 Jeremiah Nevers

#15 Owen Thompson


From the Samaritans

#9 Connor Davis

#3 JoJo Williams

#24 Ryan Endries


From the Spartans:

#8 Stephon Babb

#23 Zack Thore

#10 Alex Deino


From the Stingrays:

#00 Luke Dkyhuizen

#19 Daniel Schlaudt

#34 Ned Soukup

#12 Theo Soukup

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