Family VS Community

February 3, 2019

On Super Bowl Sunday, The Community Conference, under Rookie S.Babb, Defeated The Family Conference in an epic game 9-7. S.Babb Won MVP With 6 TD Passes, 1 TD Run, 3 Interceptions, 1 Pick-6, and 2 Sacks

2019 Rookie Class

Emilio Daye, Crabs

Stormy Romano, Crabs

Laquan Squire, Lions

Ryan Endries, Samaritans

Jacob Wetzel, Samaritans

Stephon Babb, Nailers

Luke Dykhuizen, Stingrays

Community Conference Power Rankings

June 10, 2019

1. Kings: Although they are now without their longtime captain and starting QB Mitch Kirtley, 2017 MVP and new captain Tyler Davis still has a championship roster with All-BAA LB Connor Davis, 2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year Quentin Soukup, and Rising Star Daniel O'Neil, they are still a championship favorite.

1. Lions: With Captain Nathan Schlaudt and the return of Francisco Medrano, Shawn Grissom, and Marco Franco, The Lions are sure to make a playoff run.

1. Nailers: They return with their captain Jeremiah Nevers, and with Cody Baylor, Jameare Fox, Tommy Soukup, and Rookie QB Stephon Babb, They look to make some big noise and win a championship.

6. Crabs: Only returning captain Billy Jones, and the acquisition of Emilio Daye and Stormy Romano. Their lack of chemistry will hurt them in the end.

7. Samaritans: With the acquisition of Mitch Kirtley and Damian Henderson, They will have a great shot at a championship.

6. Stingrays: Their offense and defense will both be top in the league and are sure to be a favorite for the championship.

Family Conference Power Rankings

June 10, 2019

1. Gazelles: Though they are a new team, Mitch and Chip are the top players in the Family Conference. With the Addition of All-BAA LB Connor Davis, All-BAA Center Katie Kirtley, and Rookie WR Nalan Finnerty, The Orange Storm will wreck the league.

2. Rams: The Rams have added a key offensive player in Tyler Davis, Former Ram Todd Davis, Nathan Schlaudt, Ashley Nguyen, and Captain Sammi Ronk returning, they might grab 1 win from The Gazelles.

As we near the beginning of the 2019 BAA Football Season, here's a look at potential Pro Bowlers for the 2019 season:


From the Crabs:

#15 Emilio Daye


From the Kings:

#1 Connor Davis

#14 Tyler Davis

#87 Quentin Soukup


From the Lions:

#18 Marco Franco

#7 Francisco Medrano

#4 Nathan Schlaudt


From the Nailers:

#10 Cody Baylor

#23 Jeremiah Nevers

#8 Stephon Babb


From the Samaritans

#16 Mitch Kirtley

#3 JoJo Williams

#93 Damian Henderson


From the Stingrays:

#9 Luke Dkyhuizen

#19 Daniel Schlaudt

#34 Ned Soukup

#12 Theo Soukup

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