On June 4, 2016, the Beavers overtook the Crusaders in a close match of 9-8 to win the State Championship. The game went back and forth, with Jesuit scoring the first three goals, putting Beaverton in a tough position. The Beavers regained the lead, putting them up 4 to 3. The Crusaders then went on a 5 - 0 run, putting them up 4 - 8. This should have been enough to put Beaverton in the dirt, but they were not giving up that easily. The Beavers then went on a 5 - 0 run and finished the game on defense to win 9 - 8.


This game was one to remember for the state and the Beaverton High School community, as it was the first state championship appearance and win for Beaverton Lacrosse. 


Click the link to watch unedited footage of this classic contest.


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