We are please to welcome coach Connor Mann


Dear Parents/Players,


I want to welcome you to another season of BHS Lacrosse. With the 2018 season approaching we see a number of changes within the program from coaching staff to new players, as well as old players leaving. We are a new team, and with that we have a new opportunity to take Metro and even State. I also know that with change there can be an apprehension and uneasiness. As for myself, I can relate to you as I too had to deal with change throughout my high school career. Every year came with new adversities and trials as seniors left and new players joined. Although, each year there was an opportunity to rise to the occasion and face this adversity head on or to succumb to it. This is the same challenge that you as players and myself are faced with. As your coach I promise to walk through this season with all of you, with each success and trial that stands before us. Through the highs and lows. The wins and loses. We will grow as a team and as individuals. To learn to care for something greater than ourselves. 


To formally introduce myself, my name is Connor Mann and I am honored to be named your head coach. This is not only a tremendous honor but very personal as I too was once a Beaverton lacrosse player. It has been a dream of mine since leaving to one day return to be a part of this great program. After my four years at Beaverton high school I went on to continue my lacrosse career at Whittier College in Los Angeles, CA. I then made my way to Eugene, OR where I coached JV and assisted with some areas at the Varsity level at Thurston high school for three years. My years of coaching and playing lacrosse add up to approximately 15 years of experience.


Over the many years of playing and coaching lacrosse I have developed what I believe to be a sound philosophy that focuses on the concept that as a team it is imperative to have an overwhelming sense of trust with each other. There needs to be an understanding that we are all playing for each other. To know that what we are doing is for something so much greater than just ourselves. Showing up to practice everyday, even when we don't want to, but play just as hard because we know it is an opportunity to make those around us better. I believe this is what makes a good leader. To sacrifice your time and what you are feeling for the benefit of those around you. And to have a team that can believe in this philosophy and system, coaches and players alike, will see nothing but success. 


Finally, my goals for the 2018 season are to develop you as individuals and as a team to understand the game of lacrosse at a much higher level. As a result of this, we should be a competitive team within the Metro League and in the race for State. As a 6A team in a competitive league I find there to be no reason why we should not be a contender for a state title. But, these goals only go so far unless our philosophy is implemented and we practice these principles out each and every day. It is rare that a team succeeds without believing in the system and philosophy it is a part of, so we'll start there. 


I want to thank all of you, new and returning players and parents for your dedication and interest in this great program. I am very excited for this upcoming 2018 season. To be back on the field playing the game we all love. So I want to invite and challenge you to start this season right now. Because wherever you are at you can begin now. Whether that is your mindset shifting its focus on the upcoming season and what you are going to bring to the program or if it is going out to train just a little bit harder. It can start now. 




Coach Connor