Attention BHS Boys Lacrosse players. I will be using this page to communicate important information about pre-season conditioning and skills work that I want you to start working on. This page will grow over time as I add more information to it. Latest/freshest messages at the top, but scroll down to make sure you haven't missed anything.


-Coach Sanford 


11/26/2018 - Wall Ball Routine

This season we're putting some added attention on the basics, especially with some players coming on who have not played lacrosse before. Please work the following routine on the wall as often as possible (daily is preferable). 


  • 40 Right Hand Consistent
  • 40 Left Hand Consistent
  • 40 Catch Right, Throw Left
  • 40 Catch Left, Throw Right
  • 40 Right Hand Only (Lob)
  • 40 Left Hand Only (Lob)
  • 40 Right hand Canadian (Crosshand)
  • 40 Left hand Canadian (Crosshand)
  • 40 Quick Stick Right
  • 40 Quick Stick Left
  • 40 Right Hand with Pump Fake
  • 40 Left Hand with Pump Fake
  • 40 Right Hand Stick in front of face (Twister)
  • 40 Left Hand Stick in front of face (Twister)
  • 20 Right Hand Shovel Pass
  • 20 Left Hand Shovel Pass
  • 20 Right Hand Behind The Back Pass
  • 20 Left Hand Behind The Back Pass
  • 20 Freestyle Right
  • 20 Freestyle Left



Pre-Season Conditioning: Pattern Running

2X a week


Pattern running is when you take 10 different patterns (basically routes you run in lacrosse games) and run them at full speed. It mimics the way you stop and start in games. Here are 10 sample patterns:


1. 10-yard dash

2. 10-yard backpedal

3. Five-yard backpedal, then 10-yard sprint forward

4. 20-yard dash

5. 10-yard sprint, then five-yard sprint right or left

6. 20-yard C route

7. 40-yard dash

8. Shuffle five yards right or left, then sprint 10 yards

9. Run 10 yards on a diagonal to right, then 10 yards on a diagonal to left

10. Sprint five yards, roll on the ground, pop up and sprint another five yards


To begin your pattern running, start next to a cone, which will be your home base. Do the first pattern at full speed, then jog back to the cone. Once you are at home base, sprint and do the next pattern. Upon completing the last pattern, walk back to the starting point (your rest period). Begin your next set once you reach home base.


Start pattern running with three sets. Add a set at each workout (which should be three to four each week). Keep adding sets until your total time is 20 to 25 minutes.


The long-distance runs early in your conditioning help build a base of endurance, and pattern running fine-tunes your conditioning to be more lacrosse-specific.


 Base Conditioning

In January we should be running 2 miles twice a week. Your December goal for your two mile run is 12 minutes. If your time is higher than that don’t worry, just remember to work for constant improvement in small steps each time you run.