1) Why should I sign up with C/W Babe Ruth?  

CW Babe Ruth offers competitive baseball for ages 13-18. Our home is Louis Bloch Park in Camas WA. We have a great facility and fantastic participation from the community. Coaches are certified, umpires are professionals, and the Baseball is REAL.  We play on a full size field with high school rules. Speaking of high schools, our local high school coaches have endorsed our program and work with us to develop their future players.  In 2014, CW Babe Ruth has fielded the largest number of teams in the area.  We play games against our own teams and other leagues such as, Hazel Dell Metro, KWRL (Kalama, Woodland, Ridgefield, LaCenter,) and Longview Kelso.   


2) Does CW Babe Ruth have a draft or can I bring a team into your league?

CW Babe Ruth has a hybrid program. We have a draft and we allow coaches to bring teams to into the league with a full or partial roster. A full roster is 12 players.  We encourage this process in order to preserve baseball in our community. As players get older, participation declines. To top it off, Youth Baseball in Clark County has been splintered for years. CW Babe Ruth competes with Little League, Junior Baseball, and several Traveling Tournament Teams, all for the same players.  In order to keep competition alive for all skill levels, we've adopted this approach and have found it to be successful in recruiting both coaches and players.


3) Why does registration cost so much? What do we get for our registration money?

This is a great question. We are a non-profit organization and we strive to keep registration costs as low as possible. This year we underwent a detailed budget forecast process aimed at keeping costs low, but also aimed at "keeping the lights" so we can continue to offer Baseball in our community.  The league's single biggest expense is Umpires. We use professional umpires, and we think it makes a big difference in the game.  Other expenses include uniforms, insurance, scholarships, and baseballs. We are also responsible for Louis Bloch park and the expense of maintenance and utilities.  None of our coaches or board positions are paid. They are all volunteers. Your registration fees get your player a roster position on a competitive team with a 20+ game season,  a hat, jersey, and 2-3 home tournaments. Anyone wishing to look at our budget forecast can simply ask the league treasurer.


4) Can we make payments? Or what can we do if we cant afford registration?

We do accept limited payments, but expect full registration to be paid by March 1st. If you can't afford the full registration amount there are a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarships involve a combination of partial payment, fundraising, and volunteer time.  To inquire about scholarship, speak to a board member.

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