Force Alumni

Since our founding in 1989, the Fresno Force has helped hundreds of girls achieve their dream of playing college softball. The current and former college players listed here have played for the Fresno Force at some time in their careers. Some of them played for other programs besides the Fresno Force before moving on to college. The Fresno Force does not attempt to take credit for each player signing to play softball at a university. We are proud to have been involved in the development of these players at some point in their careers. All of these girls are to be commended for their accomplishments. If you know of any players that may have been overlooked please let us know.

Following are the most recent Fresno Force alumni. For a complete list, click the following link: Fresno Force Alumni List.

Class of 2015

Player's Name           College
Teddi Diedrich           Menlo College
Caitlyn Emberson           Charleston Southern
Samantha Escobar           Friends University
Isabella Gonzalez           Friends University
Yezzenia Gonzalez           Southwest Baptist
Kayla Lock           Dominguez Hills
Alisha Marshall           Fairfield University
Arizona Pilgrim           Charleston Southern
Rylee Pierce           Missouri
Diedra See           Liberty University

Class of 2014

Player's Name           College
Haley Tracy           Evansville University
Emily Escobar           Friends University
Brooke Coates           Fresno State

Class of 2013

Player's Name           College
Jennifer Estrada           Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University Eagles
Kayla Gomness           Charleston Southern University
Stevi Johnson           Charleston Southern University
Lillian Kolehmainen           Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Morgan Lambert           New Mexico State
Randi Wallace           University of Central Arkansas

Class of 2012

Player's Name           College
Jessie Hufstetler           San Jose State University
Amani Proctor           UC San Diego
Sydney Raeber           Cal State University Bakersfield
Kellie Reynolds           Stony Brook University
Samantha Vlot           San Diego State University
Makenzie Wayadande           Sacramento State University
Makenzie Zinger           Cal State University Bakersfield

Class of 2011

Player's Name           College
KileyShae Aldridge           Fresno State
Grace Combs           College of Southern Idaho
Kelsey Dodd           New Mexico State University
Geena Garabedian           Reedley Junior College, Holy Name University
Madison Green           Long Island University
Tara Mueller           UCLA
Bailey O'Dell           Eastern Illinois University
Marla Reiter           Dixie State College
Darcy Schueler           Eastern Kentucky University
Kimberle Smith           Cal State University San Marcos
Taylor Wright           College of Sequoia JC, UC Riverside

Force Alumni List

Last Name           First Name           College
Adame           Natalie           UC Santa Barbara
Adams           Ryon           New Mexico State
Aldridge           KileyShae           Fresno State
Alves           Amy           UNLV
Alves           Angela           University of Pacific
Alvidrez           Marissa           UC Riverside
Amaral           P.K.           UC Davis
Andersen           Adrienne           UC Santa Barbara
Anderson           Amber           Oregon State
Arbino           Rebecca           Texas A&M, San Diego State
Barr           Maryanne           Fresno State
Barr           Sharon           University of Buffalo
Bierman           Lauren           Princeton
Bolich           Vanessa           Vanguard University
Bowie           Page           Cal Berkeley
Bowlin           Candace           Fresno State
Brangham           Cassie           Stanford
Brown           Natalie           Concordia University
Browning           Lori           Iowa State
Burton           Amanda           Texas A&M – Corpus Christi
Byrom           Whitney           Whitworth University
Cameron           Carolyn           Humboldt State
Caterez           Brandi           Cal Poly
Cervantez           Angela           Fresno State (NCAA All American)
Cervantez           Jenna           Fresno State
Cesar           Simone           Bethune Cookman
Chifcian           Katie           Dartmouth University
Cochran           Kaitlin           Arizona State (NCAA All American, Team USA)
Coleman           Whitney           Fresno State
Combs           Grace           College of Southern Idaho
Cook           Tracy           Layola Marymount University
Cordova           Kristina           Howard University
Correia           Stephanie           Cal Poly
Costa           DeeDee           University of Hawaii
Cox           Ashley           Fresno State
Cullum           Shayla           Campbell University, Charleston Southern
Dale           Courtney           UCLA (Team USA, NCAA All American)
Davin           Melissa           University of Tennessee
Dennis           Allison           California Baptist University
Dias           Tonya           UC Santa Barbara
Dodd           Kelsey           New Mexico State
Duek           Tiffany           UC Davis
Duncan           Carrie           Ball State
Duncan           Kelly           Cal Poly
Duran           Andrea           UCLA (Team USA, All American)
Eiland           Kate           University of Michigan
Engle           Chelsey           University of Pacific
Estrada           Jennifer           Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University Eagles
Facchini           Morgan           Biola University
Farmer           Natalie           University of Pacific
Fast           Aubrey           Cal State Northridge
Field           Lisa           Point Loma Nazarene University
Franck           Katie           Cal State Fullerton
Futrell           Samantha           William Jessup University
Garabedian           Geena           Reedley Junior College, Holy Names University
Garvin           Shannon           Providence University, Fresno State
Garza           Linda           UNLV
Gates           Michelle           Mississippi State, Brakettes
Gilleland           Haley           Fresno State
Gomness           Kayla           University of Central Arkansas
Gonzales           Miranda           San Jose State
Green           Chelsea           Cal Poly
Green           Madison           Long Island University
Gresham           Leesa           Ohio State University
Gresham           Lexi           Central Florida University
Hall           Samantha           Point Loma Nazarene University
Hamilton           Jamie           Cornell University
Harrington           Kristi           Santa Clara University
Heilbut           Tiffany           UOP, Fresno State
Herrin           Linsey           Iowa State, UC Santa Barbara
Hirabayashi           Michelle           Menlo College
Hufstetler           Jessie           San Jose State University
Jackson           Janelle           UC Riverside
Jennings           Alexis           Fresno State
Johnson           Tori           Dominician University of California
Johnson           Stevi           Charleston Southern University
Kamada           Nori           Santa Clara University
Kimura           Misty           Iowa State
Kleinsmith           Jaimee           Eastern Kentucky
Kolehmainen           Lillian           Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lambert           Morgan           New Mexico State
L'Argent           Danielle           Chadron College
Lathrop           Adrieanne           Western Kentucky
Lee           Cristen           Cal Poly
Logsden           Amber           New Mexico State
Maiden           Jenna           Cal Poly
Martin           Cassie           BYU
Martinez           Marissa           UNLV
Marzan           Marissa           University of Arizona, Fullerton
Matta           Jessica           Augusta State University
Maxey           Cara           Oregon State
Maxey           Jamie           Fresno State
McCrain           Brooke           University of Louisville
Meeks           Kayla           Layola Marymount University
Mello           Lauren           Saint Marys
Moore           Courtney           University of Louisville
Moran           Jennifer           North Carolina
Mueller           Tara           UCLA
Nacienceno           Jennifer           Temple University
Neil           Kristen           Oklahoma State
Neimick           Rebecka           Princeton
Niadna           Liz           University of Pacific
Nobbie           Heather           New Mexico State
Nolletti           Katrina           Cal State Northridge
O'Dell           Bailey           Eastern Illinois University
Padretti           Mikella           Cal Berkeley
Palatti           Jackie           Cal State Bakersfield
Payan           Stephanie           Cal Poly
Penner           Cherie           Point Loma Nazarene University
Perez           Jessica           Sacred Heart University, Connecticut
Perez           Pam           Fresno State
Perkins           Haley           Fresno State
Perkins           Mallory           Fresno State
Pierce           Beth           Fresno State
Pierce           Elizabeth           Cal State Northridge, BYU
Platta           Kimbe           Iowa State
Platten           Ashlee           University of Pacific
Pocock           Kristen           Cal Poly
Portugal           Heidi           Cal State Bakersfield
Proctor           Amani           UC San Diego
Raeber           Sydney           Cal State Bakersfield
Ray           Aubrey           San Diego State
Reiter           Morgan           Concordia
Reiter           Marla           Dixie State College
Renfroe           Brooke           Bethany
Reynolds           Jennifer           Penn State
Reynolds           Kellie           Stony Brook University
Richards           Deana           San Diego State
Robinson           Dani Jo           Vanguard
Rogers           Karlee           Cal State Bakersfield
Runge           Diane           Fresno State
Sahatdjian           Eva           San Diego State
Sanchez           Michaela           University of Toledo
Schrey           Nikki           Cal Berkeley
Schroeder           Samantha           University of Utah
Schroeder           Tori           University of Texas, New Mexico State
Schueler           Darcy           Eastern Kentucky University
Scott           Amanda           Fresno State (Olympic Team, Team USA Alt., 4 Time NCAA All American)
Scott           Courtney           Cal Berkeley (NCAA All American)
Sherman           Kori           Fresno State
Smith           Brandy           Howard College, University of Hawaii - Hilo
Smith           Kimberle           San Marcos
Southern           Jamie           Fresno State (Team USA, 3 Time NCAA All American)
Steege           Megan           LSU
Stratton           Justine           Providence University
Tacke           Sarah           University of Virginia
Thomas           Michelle           UC Davis
Thompson           Tara           Utah State
Thomsen           Christine           Colorado State, Utah State
Touhey           Danielle           San Diego State
Troesch           Debralee           University of South Carolina
Troesch           Leanna           University of South Carolina
Vanhussan           Wendy           South Georgia State
Viramontes           Mikayela           Menlo College
Vlot           Samantha           San Diego State University
Vollweiler           Erica           UNLV
Wallace           Randi           University of Central Arkansas
Watts           Stephanie           Syracuse University
Wereham           Meribeth           Humboldt State
Western           Marie           BYU
Wheeler           Cheri           University of Massachusetts
Wiginton           Kellie           Stanford – Team USA – NCAA All American
Wiginton           Sydney           Santa Clara University
Williams           Corrie           Florida State
Willis           Nicole           Fresno State
Wisener           Daviana           Fresno State
Wright           Taylor           College of Sequoia JC, UC Riverside
Yates           Jordan           Cal Poly
York           Stacy           Menlo College
Yost           Holly           Cal Berkeley
Zenger           Nicki           University of Florida
Zinger           Makenzie           Cal State Bakersfield