Bulls mission?
The mission of Hereford Bulls Travel Baseball program is to provide youth between the ages of 8 and 15 with fundamentals, skill development and a high level of competition. We would like our boys to build their baseball IQ and have fun along the journey.

Will playing travel baseball make my son a better baseball player?
Yes. The Hereford Bulls are made up of quality coaches dedicated to teaching your son the fundamentals, attitude, and work ethic that it takes to be a successful baseball player. Our teams will compete in a  local league comprised of teams from both Baltimore and Harford counties.  They will also have the opportunity to compete in tournaments with teams from other states such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and New Jersey.

What is the difference between travel baseball and recreation (rec) league baseball?
Rec league accepts all players who register,  in travel baseball, you have to "make" our team through a tryout process.   Not everyone makes our teams the first time.  We encourage all players to continue to improve their baseball skills and try out again.  

How long does the travel baseball schedule run and what is my time commitment?
This is up to each individual coach. Typically your travel team will begin practices in January/February indoors . Once the weather warms up, you can expect 2 -3 practices per week. League play typically starts in April and runs into June.  Depending on the age of your child and the league affiliation, games may be single games or doubleheaders, on Saturdays or Sundays. Our teams typically compete in 2-3 tournaments during this season.  The tournaments could be anytime from late March/early April through July.

How far will I have to travel to tournaments?
This is up to the individual coach. Most tournaments will be within two hours' driving distance. Teams may do an “away” tournament that will require a hotel stay. We think this promotes team unity and a family atmosphere. And the kids love hanging out at the hotel pool!

What does my registration fee include?
The registration fee pays for league fees, insurance, umpire fees, team equipment, and some tournament fees. In essence it is a percentage of what will have to be paid to ensure that a team will run successfully throughout the season. In addition to registration fees, families may be expected to help raise other funds via sponsorships and helping with team and organizational fundraisers.

Do all the kids play equal amounts?
No.  Every player should have an equal opportunity to participate and develop, but this does not equate to equal playing time. Actual playing time may vary based on positions played, age level, roster size, and other circumstances. Coaches must use judgment in balancing the needs of individuals and the needs of the team. 

What should my child expect?
Your child should expect to practice and play a lot of baseball. He should expect to meet new friends and have a lot of fun. He should expect to be challenged by his expectations and opposing pitchers. He should expect to receive instruction and drill on baseball fundamentals. He should expect to feel the pain of a tough loss and the exhilaration of a hard-earned victory. He should expect to learn that it’s a game, but a challenging one to learn. He should above all else learn to love the game of baseball and have fun playing it.

What should I expect?
Parents should expect development in baseball skills and the player’s character within a team environment. It is important to remember that games will be won and lost and character is developed in both. Parents should see their child learn to appreciate the game of baseball, develop a higher skill set, and become a responsible teammate. The Bulls stress good sportsmanship and team work. We will not tolerate parents who yell at umpires, criticize the coaching staff, or become "arm chair" managers. You should expect that you will watch a lot of baseball.