Skull of Fame

The Skull of Fame is something we have created to remind today’s players that there is a tradition of excellent baseball players that have come out of Montgomery High School. Players that were All-State first, second or third teams will have their name and uniform number displayed. These numbers used to be placed on the varsity helmets, hence, “Skull of Fame”, but since the numbers are growing, we have run out of room. The numbers of the All-State players are as follows:

Number Year Name Position Group Team
1 2009 Mike Friel SS Group IV 3rd Team
4 2010 Kyle Wernicki OF All Groups 3rd Team
5 2004 Mike Mohns INF Group III 2nd Team
10 2006 Dale Hering INF Group III 1st Team
11 2003 David Andrew P Group II 1st Team
12 2003 Brian Cahill OF Group II 2nd Team
12 1997 Brian Lusenhop P Group I 1st Team
16 1992 John Rooney C Group I 1st Team
17 2003 Ryan King 3B Group II 3rd Team
17 2001 Jason Grover SS All Groups 2nd Team
17 2001 Jason Grover SS Group II 1st Team
17 2000 Jason Grover SS Group II 2nd Team
17 1999 Jason Grover OF Group I 2nd Team
17 1996 Alex McKnight OF Group I 1st Team
18 2001 Chris Weingart 1B Group II 2nd Team
20 2000 Peter Thibault OF Group I 3rd Team
27 2005 Mike Cahill SS Group III 1st Team
29 1999 Dave Daniels 3B Group I 1st Team
31 1999 Jaret Gronczewski 2B Group I 2nd Team
33 1997 Pete Vanzino OF Group I 3rd Team
34 2004 Nick Umar C Group III 3rd Team
37 1999 Chris McLaughlin SS Group I 1st Team
40 1998 Rob Birch 1B Group I 2nd Team