Northeast Hockey Associations Join Forces to Form One Group

April 29 1, 2016

All levels of hockey coming out of Jack Byrne Arena next year will carry the Northeast Eagles name, after an agreement this week. Click here for more information.



NEMHA Announcement

October 31, 2018 

Vaping in arenas/public buildings during NEMHA functions


NEMHA is advising all our players, coaches and officials that Vaping anywhere in an arena will not be tolerated.

Jack Byrne Arena management has brought it to our attention that players have recently been suspected of Vaping in dressing rooms. We believe this Vaping issue is not limited to just Jack Byrne Arena, but occurs in all arenas we use. Jack Byrne Arena has advised NEMHA that anybody caught Vaping in the arena will be subject to a 30 day ban from the Arena.

NEMHA takes this Vaping issue very serious.  As such, any NEMHA player, coach or official caught Vaping in an arena or public building while attending a NEMHA function will be suspended for 30 days from all NEMHA activities for the first offence.


NEMHA Executive


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