NEMHA Bantam B

February 5, 2018

NEMHA Bantam B takes home GOLD in the Trinity Placentia Tournament in Whitbourne this past weekend.



NEMHA Bantam B Bronze

April 9, 2018 

NEMHA Bantam B takes home the Bronze in their Provincials!






March 15, 2018 

NEMHA Bantam B takes home GOLD in the DJHL. Congratulations!

Members of the team: Gabe Brown, Perry Cahill, Ryan Codner, Liam Edwards, Andrew Gosse, Tyler Gosse, Ben Lundrigan, Kyle Mitchelmore, Ian Morris, Ben Parsons, Mitch Roberts, Nathan Rose, Evan Ryan, Nathan Ryan, Jaxson Stamp-Hillier, Thomas Whelan, Will Woodfine. Coaching staff: Warren Gosse, Geoff Ryan, Jason Whelan and Dave Lundrigan.

Manager: Charlene Brown and Williamina Cahill and assistant to the assistant John Woodfine


NEMHA Bantam B Team

October 10,  2017

NEMHA Bantam B Team has been announced. Congratulations to the players who have been selected. NEMHA would like to thank all the players who tried out.

Bantam House League evaluation teams/groups will be posted Wednesday Oct. 11.

Click here for Team.




April 9, 2018 

NEMHA Bantam C takes home the GOLD and the Banner in their Provincials! CONGRATULATIONS!!






January 8, 2018

NEMHA Bantam C comes home with GOLD in the Ed Neil Memorial Tournament 2018 in Bay Arena this past weekend.


NEMHA Bantam C

February 12, 2018

NEMHA Bantam C brings home the GOLD from Placentia!



NEMHA Bantam C, D and E Teams

December 21, 2017

NEMHA Bantam C, D and E teams have been announced.

NEMHA would like to thank everyone who tried out and to congratulate those successful in the selection process. Great tryouts everyone!

For teams please click here 

NEMHA is pleased to announce the following coaches for Bantam Development Teams:

Bantam C

Donnie Crane - Head Coach

Rod Cantwell - Assistant Coach

Mike O'Brien - Assistant Coach

Bantam D

Mark Kavanagh - Co Coach

Randy Hanlon - Co Coach

Bantam E

Jody Jenkins - Co Coach

Rodney Coombs - Co Coach

Nevin Weist - Assistant Coach



NEMHA Bantam D

February 19, 2018 

NEMHA Bantam D brings home Silver from Marystown Tournament this past weekend.




April 9, 2018 

NEMHA Bantam D takes home the GOLD and the Banner in their Provincials! CONGRATULATIONS!!




NEMHA Bantam House League Teams

October 17,  2017

NEMHA Bantam House League Teams have been announced. Please find your child's name to see which team they have been placed on. The schedule is posted on the bottom of the website. Please note IHL games start Oct 22, 2017, the schedule for IHL is located on the IHL site at

Click here for Teams.



NEMHA IHL Bantam Allstar Rebar Silver

March 26, 2018 

NEMHA IHL Bantam Allstar Rebar bring home the Silver! CONGRATULATIONS! 

 Congratulations to NE Eagles Allstar Rebar Ltd on winning the Silver Medal in Tier 1 Bantam IHL playoffs.  Great job by all.
 Front Row: Caleb Evely, Kyle O'Guntke, Noah Squires, Bradley Maclean, Ty Mitchelmore, Brady Coombs, Braden Pittman
Back Row: Coach Cory Pittman, Coach Rodney Coombs, Dustyn Gosse, Brandon Toope, Josh Lewis, Nathan Power, Brady Toope, Nathan Ralph, Cameron Feehan,  Coach Troy Ralph
Missing from Photo: Coach William Osborne, Lucas Osborne, Nathan Lockyer


NEMHA IHL Bantam In The Box

March 28, 2018 

NEMHA IHL Bantam In The Box bring home the GOLD and the Banner! CONGRATULATIONS! 

 Back row left to right: Asst. Coach Val Field, Carter Jenkins, Eric Head, Evan Butler, Travis Toope, Matthew Jones, Isaac Combden, Jack Ryan, Ryan Clarke, Asst. Coach Jody Jenkins, Head Coach Randy Hanlon.  Front row left to right: Carter Day, Matthew Maddigan, Jake Boyde, Ryan Hanlon, Alex O'Brien, Dakota Field, Ryan Kelly and missing from photo Owen Sullivan.

NEMHA Blair Mitchell Memorial 2017

January 2, 2018

NEMHA would like to congratulate Paradise Hamilton's Grocery for winning the 2017 Blair Mitchell Memorial Tournament .  



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