Our Mission

North Texas Softball Association's mission statement is to promote positive participation, provide an inclusive, fun, and competitive league for women of all skill levels in the North Texas area.  


We find it important to always promote positive participation by its member associations in such athletic, social, cultural or charitable activities as may serve the following purposes:

1. To be a non-profit alliance dedicated to the promotion of amateur athletics for all persons regardless of age, race, creed, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation

2. To establish uniform athletic rules and regulations for league members

3. To encourage the formation of autonomous and unique associations with consistent support such that an active membership in the league may be sustained as deemed desirable for the advancement of amateur athletics

4. To encourage the education and training in proper skills of athletics by promoting, organizing and conducting clinics, seminars and training courses        

 Our Thanks

 We realize that you have a choice in where you choose to participate and NTWSA appreciates the fact that you have chosen us!  



 If you have any questions / concerns, we encourage you to please email us, or "CLICK" on the CONTACT US button to directly reach out to one of our board members.