Game time is forfeit time.
Any team unable to field 9 players (in the dugout) by the scheduled game time shall forfeit the game with the recorded score of 7-0, going to the winning team for purposes of team standings. A penalty fee (see following fee schedule) of $80.00 will be imposed on teams forfeiting a game without prior notice by 2:30 pm CST on Wednesday before the scheduled game.
A.) Teams reporting by 2:30 pm CST on Wednesday no forfeit fee imposed.
B.) Teams reporting by 5:00 pm CST on Friday will be imposed $35.00 forfeit fee.
C.) All Forfeits reported after 5:00 pm CST on Friday we be imposed $80.00 forfeit fee.
This MUST be paid before the next scheduled game to the NTWSA officer of the day before taking the field.
**8.10a 2016 PICKUP PLAYERS
Teams will be allowed to pick up a maximum of three (3) players from other teams to avoid having to forfeit.
1. The pick-up player may wear their original team shirt.
2. The game will count as a win/loss as any other game.
3.This will only be allowed if the team needing the players has less than ten (10) players. i.e.
4. Teams cannot pick up players for the purpose of utilizing additional batters.