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The PGYA board reserves the right to approve or reject advertising content.

All fees must be paid before your advertisement is published on the website.

Advertisements are posted on 3, 6, or 12 month intervals.

Advertisements can only be 500 X 150 pixels or less in length, including any graphics.

Graphics must be approved by the webmaster and will be used only at his

Advertiser's ad spots will appear at the top of all pages on the website. If there is more than one advertiser, then the ads will automatically rotate on the pages at random.

Please e-mail your advertising copy/information to:

Brad Calhoun

Or, you can mail the copy/information with your fees to:

2801 Richmond Rd., Box #371
Texarkana, TX 75501

Fees: (updated 1/15)

3 Months - $200 for the Banner

6 Months - $300 for the Banner

12 Months - $500 for the Banner

3 Months - $90 for Sidebar Graphic*

6 Months - $120 for Sidebar Graphic*

12 Months - $200 for Sidebar Graphic*

Sponsor of the Month - $30

*Sidebar Graphics - Your ad graphics will appear under the main menu on EVERY page of the PGYA web site

Payment Methods
Fees may be paid by check. Please mail the check to:

2801 Richmond Rd., Box #371
Texarkana, TX 75501

Thanks for Supporting PGYA