The SPFast Creed


I was told I wasn’t good enough to play
I sat quietly and watched others play, wishing I could play too
Did I quit? No…
I attended training clinics, listened to coaches and tried to improve on my weaknesses
I learned the fundamentals of different positions
I learned how to pitch, improved on my batting
I supported friends and siblings
             I continued to work hard so when given a chance, maybe I can play too, one day
My friends were going to try-out for SPFast and they encouraged me (as I had encouraged them when they played).
With doubt of failure again in my mind, I decided to try-out
I tried my best, hustled and had fun, but thought I came up short once again 
I came home from school, received an email from the coach that read…
Welcome to the Team!
I AM SPFAST...No one can take that away from me, I EARNED it!!!

The video shows Heather Dorniden falling and still winning the 600-meter race in the 2008 Big Ten Indoor Track Championships.