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SPFast Mission Statement

SPFast was formed in 2016 as an independent not-for-profit organization located in Scotch Plains, NJ and was incorporated as a 501(c) (3) with the IRS in January 2016.

The objective of this organization is to promote girls’ recreational and travel softball programs to various age groups and skill levels. In the process, we hope to foster the values of fellowship, physical fitness, good sportsmanship, training, and sponsorship of girls’ softball.

SPFast places these values over the values of winning and believes that winning will take care of itself when our values are followed.  Winning at the cost of our values, health, and safety is never accepted. When we compete to the best of our ability, display strong morals, and have pride in our program, we win, regardless of the scoreboard.

All administrators and coaches are volunteers who participate in township programs during the year, and are not compensated. Coaches must maintain a Rutgers Safety Clinic and undergo a background check.





SPFast Spring 2019 Program Offerings

Player Eligibility is Based on Birth Years As of January 1, 2018. For example, in order to be eligible for the 10U program, a player must be 10 years old or younger as of January 1, 2019.  Note: some leagues and/or scrimmages that SPFast participates in does allow for exemptions to this rule where skill, grade and date of birth enable a player to play in a lower age bracket.  Please contact administrator directly to discuss this option.


8U * (DOB 2010 - 2012) -  Players hit an 11 inch softball pitched to them by a coach from 35 feet.  Hitting a pitched softball and softball fundamentals (with some league rule modifications) are emphasized to prepare players for the next level. Players are rotated during practices and games to develop their knowledge of various positions.

10U (DOB 2008 - 2009) - This is the first level that the players pitch an 11 inch softball from 35 feet while fun and learning the game of fast-pitch softball continue to be the focus.  Additional skills of bunting, stealing 3rd base (with no advancement on defensive misplay) are introduced.  Dropped 3rd strike nor is the infield fly rule in effect at this age group.  Players are rotated during practices and games to develop their knowledge of various positions.

12U (DOB 2006 - 2007) - A 12 inch softball is used and players pitch from 40 feet and continue to advance their skill set. Players are assessed during practices and games to determine their core positions.  Softball rules such as bunting, stealing second, third and home, dropped 3rd strike and infield fly rule are in effect at this age group.

SPFast Visits Iona College - Division 1

March 31, 2018

SPFast players and parents visit Iona College in New Rochelle to watch a Division 1 game televised on ESPN3 between Iona College Gaels and Saint Peters Peacocks. 

SPFast players met coach Melissa Inouye and her coaching staff, participated in starting lineup announcements and stood alongside the players during the National Anthem.  During the break of a double header in which the Gaels picked up two wins, the players chatted and signed autographs for the players.

Thank you Iona for making this a memorable experience for our young athletes.

Madison B, Mackenzie B, Kaitlyn M, Alina L, Olivia E, Theresa D and Amelia S.


 Click Link to Access Photo Album of our 10U Champs!





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