League Constitution

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2017 Constitution/Bylaws of the Sault Ste. Marie Slo-Pitch League

1.1 The name of the organization shall be the Sault Ste. Marie Slo-Pitch League, and hereafter shall be referred to as the “Association.”

2.1 The objectives of this Association shall be:
i) To provide an opportunity for men and women of adult age to enjoy amateur sport through the name of slo-pitch, played under an adopted set of administrative playing rules.
ii)To develop and encourage sportsmanship and good fellowship between all participants, and for the promotion of physical, mental, and social well being of all members.

3.1 Membership in this Association shall consist of the following:
i) Persons must be at least 18 years of age on or before July 1, of the current season. The Executive reserves the right to require production of a birth certificate or another legal proof of age or identity of any player, upon demand.
ii) Persons under the age of 18 must have a signed consent form by a parent/guardian and be at least 16 years of age.
iii) A member of this Association shall include any person who has signed the roster of a team in this Association and shall include the General Executive of this Association.
iv) A person is eligible to participate in the Association program, providing the above-noted qualifications are met.

4.1 In order for teams to qualify as members of the Association, they shall comply with the following:
i) No player shall be under the age of 18 years, unless a consent form is signed by the player's parent or legal guardian, they are at least 16 years old and it is approved by the League Executive.
ii) The maximum team roster shall consist of twenty- five (25) players, one coach, and one manager. For a person to be eligible to play they must complete their online Slo-Pitch Ontario registration. For a coach or manager to be eligible to play they must also complete their online Slo-Pitch Ontario registration.
iii) No player shall play for more than 1 men’s and 1 coed team, or 1 women's and 1 coed team in the Association regardless of the division.
iv) One (1) team roster and waiver must be competed on the Slo-Pitch Ontario website with a deadline designated by the Executive. Once the roster has been entered, all players, coach, and managers must log in and activate their profile. Failure to comply with this provision may result in forfeiture of game(s), tam fines and/or other disciplinary measures that may be deemed necessary by the Association Executive.
v) Once the season has officially started, (the first league game) no player shall play for more than one team unless a release is given from the first team to the Executive, in writing prior to the date for rosters being submitted. No player will be allowed to change teams or players added to a roster once the roster due date has passed or if they have played in a league game with any other team, unless special consideration is given by the Association Executive, due to extenuating circumstances, and the consent of the management of the other team is obtained.

5.1 The officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Umpire-in Chief, and Member At Large to be elected annually at the last annual meeting in each year and shall comprise the League Executive of the Association.
5.2 The League Executive shall unanimously have the powers to manage the Association and its finances.
5.3 No one shall be eligible to stand for election to the executive as the President unless such person has served at least one year as member of good standing of the Association.
5.4 The League Executive, shall have control of the affairs of the Association, and shall have power to fill any vacancy which may occur in its number provided however, that such appointment shall be to a member of the Association, and that such appointment shall not extend beyond the last annual meeting of the current year in which such vacancy is filled. The Executive shall also have power to deal with cases in which circumstances are more or less extenuating and which are not otherwise provided for specifically or covered by the constitution and/or the By-Laws.
5.5 Each franchise or team representative present at the annual meeting shall be entitled to vote for the nominate officers. No person shall be entitled to vote more than once or cast a vote on behalf of another team of the Association by proxy.

i) The President shall serve as the chairperson of the League, preside over all general and executive meetings, and shall enforce the rules and regulations of the league and shall have the usual privilege of the office.
ii) The President shall be a member of all committees.
iii) The President shall appoint or delegate to other members of the Association, or Executive, certain duties or responsibilities that may arise during the season.
iv) The President shall sign documents, contracts, and/or papers for the Association.
v) The President shall perform such other duties as are usually attached to the office of the President including negotiating with the League or Association sponsor, the City of Sault Ste. Marie or the Community Services Department for fees, field location and conditions on behalf of the Association.
i) The Vice-President shall assist the president with all duties and responsibilities that may arise during the season.
ii) If, for any reason, the president is unable to fulfill their term with the Association Executive, the Vice-President shall inherit all the duties of the President.
iii) The Vice-President shall act as the League Scheduler.
iv) The Vice-President along with the Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain the league website unless a member of the association volunteers.
i) The Secretary-Treasurer shall oversee the financial situation of the League
ii) The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for the minutes of all business meetings.
iii) The Secretary- Treasurer shall maintain a current register of all members of the Association including all leagues, divisions, teams, and/ or players.
iv) The Secretary- Treasurer shall place the funds of the Association in a chartered bank, credit union, or trust company, from which it shall be withdrawn or paid out only upon the signatures of the proper signing officers of the League as established from year to year by the Constitution of By-Laws of the League.
v) The Secretary-Treasurer maintains the standings weekly and forwards them to all executive members.
vi) The Secretary/Treasurer along with the Vice-President shall maintain the league website unless a member of the association volunteers.
i) The Umpire-in- Chief shall be responsible to the Executive of the League.
ii) The Umpire-in-Chief shall ensure that all umpires enforce all the playing rules as set out in this Constitution and the By-Laws, and the rules laid down by the Official Slo-Pitch Rule Book adopted and in force and effect from time to time by this Association; The U-I-C shall also enforce the umpire uniform.
iii) The Umpire-in-Chief shall be responsible for scheduling all carded (qualified) umpires during the regular season and play-offs. All Schedules are subject to the approval of the executive.
iv) The Umpire-in-Chief along with the executive shall be responsible for regular performance appraisals of all umpires.
v) The Umpire-in-Chief can conduct a pre-season umpiring school for the team representatives of the Association.
vi) The Umpire-in-Chief shall officiate or be present at all disciplinary hearings and protests along with other members of the Executive Committee.
i) The Member at Large is a member of the Executive and shall perform duties as may be assigned to them by the President, Vice-President and/or Secretary/Treasurer.
ii) The Member at Large will act as a liaison between the members of the association and the League Executive.

7.1 The League Executives and its members shall meet from time to time, and as often as is necessary to properly conduct the business of the Association.
7.2 The Annual General Meeting shall be held between the third weekend in August and the last weekend in September.
i) The order of business shall be established by the President.
ii) Attendance at all League meetings is mandatory by representatives of all teams in the League.

8.1 No amendments or alterations shall be made to any part of this constitution or to the By-Laws except at the annual meetings and only by a majority of the votes cast at the meeting.

9.1 The following are the regulations for the government procedure of the Association at general meetings, during the time of business:
i) No motion shall be received unless properly moved and seconded, and said motion shall not be open for discussion until so stated by presiding officer.
ii) All motions shall be decided by a majority of votes cast in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws and the chair or presiding officer shall not exercise a vote, unless to cast a deciding vote in the event of a tie.
iii) A delegate desiring to speak or submit a motion shall raise a hand until recognized, and respectfully address the chair, and shall not be interrupted unless upon a point of order.
iv) When a motion is under debate, no motion shall be entertained except to lay such a motion on the table, or amended, and these motions shall take precedence in the order named.
v) An amendment which entirely changes the subject of the original motion shall not be entertained as an amendment or substituted for the motion under debate.
vi) No delegate except one who has voted with the majority shall be allowed to move for reconsideration and in this connection the word "majority" shall apply to the vote by which the question was first decided, and the motion for reconsideration requires only a majority vote and re-opens the main question to debate.
vii) After the motion has been stated by the presiding officer it becomes the property of the Association, but may be withdrawn at any time prior to amendment by the mover, unless objected to by a delegate.
viii) There shall be no debate upon any question after it has been put to a vote by the presiding officer.
ix) When a vote is called, it shall be taken by each delegate raising their hand (one vote per team). The presiding officer shall declare the vote on all questions and should the declaration be disputed, the delegates may be required to vote "yea" or "nay" to rise and stand until the number of affirmative and negative votes are counted, or the chair or presiding officer may require a vote by secret ballot. Proxy votes are not permitted.

10.1 A member of this league must conduct themselves in a manner fitting a mature, responsible adult, who is representing the Association, the sponsor, and themselves. Any member found conducting themselves in any other manner, shall upon the report of an umpire, the Umpire-in-Chief, or other member of the Executive, at the discretion of the Executive be suspended. All disciplinary matters, protests, criteria and rules of this league shall be enforced by the Executive.
10.2 Any team or member of the Association violating the Constitution or By-Laws or refusing to abide by the decision of the Executive shall be expelled or suspended forthwith.
10.3 Leagues, clubs, officers, or players of the Association may be fined and/or suspended by the General Executive and their membership and all rights enjoyed in the Association, may be cancelled for committing the following offenses:
i) When a player is guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the Executive is found to be detrimental to the interests of the Association.
ii) When a report is submitted by an umpire, the Umpire-in-Chief, or member of the Executive that and Association member was involved in a fight with another Association member or has been ejected from a game for improper conduct, such person is suspended forthwith, and such suspension shall remain in effect until determined by the Executive.
iii) A team coach, and/or any individual players on such a team can be suspended for failure to pay fines as properly imposed by the Executive.
iv) When a member strikes an umpire or any member of the Executive in any manner, such member shall be suspended immediately for the balance of the season and their eligibility to become a member of the Association shall be determined by the Executive of the Association prior to the start of the following season.
v) For knowingly playing with a league or club that has been suspended or expelled, or with any ineligible players.
vi) For any team or players who play under an assumed name.
vii) For failure to have a team representative at an official Association meeting called by the Executive to conduct Association business
viii) For persistent verbal abuse, harassment, or threats against an umpire or a member of the Association Executive, before, during the season or arising out of any game or meeting of the Association.
10.4 In the event that a player, coach, or manager is thrown out of a game, that member must pay a fine and is suspended for a minimum of one game before being allowed to play again. Once the said fine is paid, the offender may return for the next game and the Executive will then make a further ruling, or suspension if warranted.
10.5 All fines are assessed in the following manner: 1st & 2nd offence - $25.00, 3rd offence - $50.00, 4th offence - removal from league.
10.6 Any player knowingly using or coach and/or manager knowingly providing illegal equipment that is used in any Association game shall be subject to fines, suspension and/or expulsion from the Association as the Executive determines.
10.7 Steel or metal cleats are banned in the Association and any player found using such cleats in any league or playoff, shall be immediately suspended from such game, and such suspension shall remain in force until the Executive Committee determines otherwise, and/or imposes any additional fines, penalties, suspension and/or expulsion from the Association as the circumstances may require.
10.8 All decisions of the General Executive of the Association in regards to suspensions, expulsions and fines shall be final and binding on all parties involved and shall not be appealed or subject to any further review.

10.9 Suspensions along with eligibility dates will posted on the League Website

11.1 It shall be the responsibility of the League Executive to make recommendations for changes in the playing rules of the League. All changes in playing rules must have the approval of a majority of the delegation affected at the Annual General Meeting.
11.2 The League's official rulebook shall be used in all games played under the jurisdiction and administration of the League.

12.1 The annual entry fee shall be levied by the League Executive annually, per team, including the costs of the Community Services Department and/or the City of Sault Ste. Marie for field fees and facilities;
12.2 Miscellaneous league expenses shall be fixed at the beginning of each new season determined by projects set out by the Executive of the League for the upcoming season.
12.3 All umpires will receive $25.00 per game for all league and play-off games. This fee is included in the team registration paid at the beginning of the season.

13.1 The league fees include a performance bond of $150 which must be paid in full by a date determined by the Executive, and any balance remaining from the performance bond will be repaid at the year end meeting.
13.2 Any team may be held liable to forfeit to the Association all or any part of the said performance bond for failing to comply with the Constitution, By-Laws, or rules with respect to team fines.
13.3 Team fines or penalties will be paid by the offending team and notices will be sent to the representatives of such offending team and in the event that the performance bond is reduced, such team shall be required to replace the $150 performance bond within seven (7) days, or face suspension or expulsion from the Association.
13.4 At the last annual meeting of each year, the balance of the performance/default bond shall be refunded to each team. If the team is not present at the annual meeting, the balance of the performance bond shall be kept by the league as a donation.

14.1 The league shall operate a minimum twenty (20) game schedule covering a period of approximately fourteen (14) weeks, not including play-offs for the Men's/Coed division.
14.2 The league shall operate a minimum ten (10) game schedule covering a period of approximately fourteen (14) weeks, not including play-offs for the Ladies division.
14.3 The Executive shall determine league format and play-off format each season.
14.4 The Executive shall schedule all league and play-off games.
14.5 All rained out games will be rescheduled by the Executive. No game shall be postponed due to rain unless the Executive postpones it, or the umpire in charge of the game determines that the game cannot start or continue due to the field and/or the weather condition.

15.1 The first game will start promptly at 6:00 p.m., and no new inning shall begin 55 minutes after the start of the game.  If at this time the game is tied, it shall remain a tie.
15.2 Both teams for the second game must be ready to start play at 7:00 p.m.

16.1 All of the teams comprising the Association shall be divided into divisions of an equal number of teams, where ever possible, by the Executive.
16.2 The rotation of the teams in the division at the end of each year shall result in the first team of each division moving up, and the last place team in each division shall move down a division.
16.3 New teams admitted to the league shall be normally admitted in the lowest division and shall be required to advance on the foregoing basis.
16.4 The League Executive, subject to the approval of the membership, shall be permitted to establish a special division limited to players of a certain age, or older, if the demand for such a division is warranted, and winning teams in such division shall not advance to other divisions of the League.
16.5 In the event more than one team is required to move up at the beginning of the year due to teams folding or amalgamating, the team finishing in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th may be required to move up.
16.6 Teams requested to move up at the beginning of the new season must do so. Failure to comply will result in the loss of the franchise.

17.1 Any protest, involving a rule violation, must be in the hands of the President, or the Umpire-in-Chief, in writing, within 24 hours from the end of the protested game. The umpire must be informed before the next pitch is made, of the protest, as well as the opposing manager.
17.2 The facts of the protest will be noted on both the game cards and is to be signed by the protesting coach and the umpire. The protest once made and recorded on the official game card, may not be withdrawn and the fee must be paid to the Executive within 24 hours.
17.3 All protests must be accompanied by a $150.00 (cash) protest fee within 24 hours of the time the protested game was finished, to be returned if the protest is upheld, or forfeited to the league if the protest is defeated or abandoned.
17.4 Protests on question of fact (judgment call) will not be considered, and the umpire's decision in such matters will be final. If a team is found to have filed a protest on a judgment call only, the protest shall be dismissed and the $150.00 fee is forfeited.
17.5 The umpire and the manager or coach of the teams involved in the protest may, with consent of the Executive, attend to present their views on the protest to the Committee. Normally however, the Committee will consider the written or verbal report of the umpire, any other written statements filed by the offending and/or other team or players or witnesses. All protests will be decided by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. In the event of a tie, the Chair of the Committee (President) will vote to break the tie. The managers of the two teams involved will not take part in the voting and will be required to leave the room before the vote is taken.
17.6 The Umpire-in-Chief should be present at a protest meeting to clarify any rule interpretations.

18.1 The league shall give annual prizes wherever possible for the divisional winners, plus the play-off winners. Men's and Coed Rec Divisions will not compete for prizes during the regular season.
18.2 The Executive reserves the right in any year, to award large (returnable) team trophies and/or individual member (non-returnable) awards or trophies, at their discretion.
18.3 The large returnable trophy shall be the responsibility of the recipient and must be returned each year to the Executive upon request in the same condition.
18.4 Failure to return such annual trophy will result in suspensions or expulsion of the players, coach, and manager from the league and/or a fine equaling the replacement value of the trophy, as determined by the Executive.
18.5 The Art Jarrett Memorial Plaque (created in 2008) is presented to the team that best exemplifies sportsmanship. This returnable plaque will be presented annually.